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  1. I... just finished... I'm in awe, mates. Congrats @Oraldo revak, waiting for the next batch already And also amazing original story, @Just Jim, and amazing ship designs
  2. Started watching "Emiko Station: The Movie" OK, maybe it's a bit off-topic as this is not me playing KSP but... I don't really care. I'm on chapter 3 already, it is AMAZING!!
  3. Starting Chapter 3 now can't stop!! And also downloading the whole video @1080p hehehe! Edit: Hm.... What to do to propose this as ToTM?
  4. So you broke the game already? that's no fun for the rest of us!
  5. I just tested that 1.10 with ModuleManager 4.1.3 and the latests versions of Scatterer, EVE and AVP works... but I see that @panarchist has already done that
  6. Nothing to be sorry about, man!! It's not like you are delaying to Fall 2021, and nobody is paying you for the job so... take it easy!! I for one am sure that I will love and enjoy it, so will gladly wait for a day, two or for the time you need to make the release up to your own expectations And probably everyone will agree on this one
  7. You are totally right... My whole setup is quite similar thank you for the badges!!!
  8. Seriously, nothing farther away from my intentions than to pester the creator(s) but... @Oraldo revak, still on time for the release? OMG OMG OMG so excited!!!
  9. Feel you. I just have two different installations of 1.8.1, ultramodded and just the visual standards. With the visual standards (plus restock) it takes around 1 min. The other one, after overclocking the computer, 'just' 8 mins... So for designing and testing I use the Stock, then for flying... well it depends if I feel like showering when I'm going to start the modded one And obviously I run both from SSD. I know that my computer is kinda old, but anyway... it is too long And I won't change the computer until KSP2 is out
  10. No kerbal was damaged while shooting this video. Although sometimes it can look the other way around. Mostly towards the end, with the explosions and so on. But it's only a figment of your imagination. Any similarity between the explosions occurred in the movie and the ones in real life are purely coincidental
  11. Amazing... I don’t know which one I like more, if this one or the Jool deep dive
  12. First, welcome to the forum (first post, it seems)! Maybe you can check around here: Probably you will find the answers to many of your questions there Cheers! J
  13. She is a beauty, and she looks a lot like based on the Concorde
  14. And a proper answer could be 'Mother! I've turned the cooling unit back on! Mother!!'
  15. Hum.... those landing legs.... Very Space-X.... where? how? how much? Edit: after checking around, I think they are from Reusability Expansion, right?