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  1. 1- Have you tried Kerbalx.com? actually between my submitted crafts you can find a super cheap Apollo style craft. So to say you can find them in my signature. 2- Yes they were scary... They were, to put them into a nice equivalence for today, as the Agents in Matrix. 'Do as we do. You run'. But that's the Odyssey ship from Ulysses 31 (1981) not a beholder... hahhahaha!
  2. After almost a couple months doing no KSP at all and barely coming to read and like posts, I had an idea. Probably only nostalgics (elders like myself hahaha!) will know the ship which is still an early WIP
  3. Sorry but it feels like the Teletubbies attack
  4. I need to ask... are you using your own TUFX profiles, or profiles published by someone else? The pics you publish have always that 'distinctive flavor'...
  5. I would like to point out that this is definitely not the way landing legs are supposed to work. Shame on you! But well... it is a very kerbal way to use them, isn't it? Now talking more seriously, good job!! Edit: That's the reason why I always retract my panels before landing
  6. Usually for me career mode, at least when starting (the first year or 1.5 years), is a bit repetitive due to the lack of nice contracts. So when I want to do something 'inspirational' I check the ongoing challenges in the forum Sometimes I do the challenge just for fun and sometimes I also post... but I feel the career a bit empty unless adding some 'more' as the anomaly surveyor pack, for instance. My gameplay is somewhat forth and back career/sandbox-doing-whatever hehehe For me the best part of that is 'en route from the Mun'. This makes me think much on KSP2 and the possibilities
  7. Yeah yeah... but I actually did and have been working for the last hours in a LF only design already, so no shame on you this time But seriously, good job mantaning OPT and thank you!!
  8. Dropping jaw You just made me want to redownload OPT
  9. That's why when I decouple I tend to do it either in normal, either in 100% retrograde hehehe!
  10. Alors a bientot a toi aussi! Bonne chance with the other projects.... but we will wait for Emiko Station 2
  11. That deorbit burn before landing in Eeloo...phew...
  12. Summarizing, it allows you to 'mantain the status' of the separated ships' by some sorcery done with savefiles and come back to the other stage and land it (or crash it). Here is the link to the thread: In any case maybe you can search in the meantime in the 'saves\'yoursavename'\backup and get one of the persistentxxxxxxxx.sfs, copy it back to 'saves\yoursavename and rename it as persistent.sfs... unless you play in console of course
  13. In the meantime, leaving Kerbin SOI at 4.8+Km/s headed to KERBOL with my SunDiver Mk4 (although there were more iterations and it should actually be called Mk7). Obviously it won't dive into the sun, but will instead try to reach the lowest possible circular orbit for its design. Meaning STABLE and no explosions by overheating My previous iteration ran out of fuel at 270Mm (circular and stable), I will try to do it better this time.
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