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  1. Just update all dependencies and this mod will work on 1.6.1, I'm playing on 1.6.1 with this mod now
  2. Thanks for this list of packs! I'm already used Gameslinx's Planet Overhaul. I think I will play with After Kerbin or maybe with Other Worlds
  3. Any suggestions? The standard system is a bit boring
  4. I got one bug in this addon: After starting career and going to orbit of Gaia you will get contract to visit Ou'um(Black Hole far away from Gaia) but you can't decline it and contracts to go to moons of gaia doesn't appear
  5. Thanks for answer! Waiting when GPO will be available on 1.6, now playing on 1.3.1
  6. I think Gameslinx Planet Overhual not maintened anymore since you developing this addon?
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