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  1. Yup, if you look on how to add mods to it look at the special instructions section
  2. I think we should add this to CKAN. It can have special instructions to specify where certain things go
  3. I have made a Github repository found here for community additions and an online source code viewer
  4. No problem, I just hope it goes to 1.1.2 I'll use some outside reference to see how its done *EDIT* I think I figured it out, I'll test it tonight
  5. Ok so @TheJangleMan, can you explain to me how you updated it to 1.0.5? I'm rather new to coding in KSP, so I might need a reference. Also would you mind if I make some planetary additions?
  6. Awesome mod! Hope to see more development on this as time goes on
  7. GitHub is good. I'm like Techjar. I'll try to help to my best extent (I also have some planet ideas)
  8. @TheJangleMan I'm rather curious, if Kopernicus has not changed it's API, then what is needed to be updated? Does it link with other mods, or have some features that simply configs cannot add?