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  1. All I ended up doing is saving, undocking everything, and exporting them individually. Not really difficult
  2. Ok. Just to clarify though, do the commsats in Kerbin orbit need to physically point at the target satellite? Also that Mun probe has plenty of battery life, I've been using that design since before I started using RemoteTech, it has battery to last the dark side of anything but a gas giant. I intended it to be a one-size-fits-all design, but I guess such a powerful dish is a little more than overkill for Kerbin's SOI. Thanks! EDIT: I wasn't able to save the existing probe, but a new one of exactly the same design was launched and worked out just fine using the two Communotron DTS-M1's that were originally the only antennas on the craft. I just slapped on the Communotron 32's and the CommTech 1 after installing RemoteTech.
  3. Thank you! I will test and report back EDIT: All the functions of SSS seems to be in perfect working order. It did take me a moment to realize I had to first export it and then convert to .craft, but that's just a matter of reading the documentation. Thanks again! EDIT x2: The .craft file created for a ship consisting of multiple docked modules doesn't load into the VAB. Not terribly surprising, but worth mentioning.
  4. I'm trying to send a comm satellite to the Mun, but it loses connection as soon as it gets out of omni range. I have four commsats around Kerbin, with every dish on them set to target active vessel: I also have a dish on my satellite, set to target Kerbin: Do the commsats in orbit around Kerbin have to be oriented towards the Mun satellite? Could it be because the dish on the Mun satellite has such a narrow cone (.1 I believe) that it doesn't "see" any of the other commsats? I'm completely lost here.
  5. Oh, so it still transfers them in-flight? I did look into the link you provided before trying SSS, but it's for an older version of KSP and it doesn't currently function. Rebuilding everything from scratch is possible, just time consuming, haha. Thanks!
  6. Somehow all the .craft files are gone from my save folder, so Ship Save Splicer looked like a godsend to try and recreate them from ships in flight. However, when I pull up the Tracking Station and click on a flight, I don't see any button from SSS to export the .craft file. I'm using KSP 1.1.2.