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  1. The landings are quite OK, the dockings quite bad
  2. Hi all of you from Italy, yes we are green here too! Ciao a tutti ChesterPerry
  3. I like this mode, very usefull. Unfortunately in my 1.2 installation when I launch the mod (ALT + N) it is fired 3 times. Is it known bug? Can I do something?
  4. Thanks to all, here the data of my first orbit: VESSEL Name: AeroEquus 2 (a little evolution of the stock rocket) DeltaV(S2): 1.465 DeltaV Total: 1.465 ORBITAL Apoapsis: 155.090 Periapsis: 79.045 Inclination: 2,78566 Eccentricity: 0,05303 I'm quite proud of me, i think it's quite good (or no?). Now my little green friend is there in the empty sky, and he'll stay there all nigth. Good night all of you
  5. Hi, I'm a completly noob from Italy! Hope to have some hints from you all. See you soon! ChesterPerry
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