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  1. How to: KSP

    Need help at real fuels, please!

    I got it working, thanks!
  2. Hello there, my dear viewers! It has been a tremendously long time since I have been on this beautiful site or played KSp as I used to a year and a half ago. Anyhow, I am back and I want to try realism overhaul expect my computers being kind of a pain but I will fix the problem soon. If you want to help me, click my second latest activity! Thank you for reading this and hopefully you have a good day!

  3. Hello there! Thanks for reading my post! So what I did is I wanted to try to play realsim overhaul in beta ksp 1.3.1 but I have ran into a problem, whenever my screen finishes loading, I can hear the KSP menu theme playing but the screen is black and it is still "loading. Computer info: MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015) 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5 8 GB 1867 MHz DDR3 Intel Iris Graphics 6100 1536 MB C02PLXVTFVH5 Note there isnt any actual spoilers, just didnt know how to remove, sorry. Hope someone knows something and if you help me, thank you so much in advance! Just in case someone wants to tell me that you "Gotta wait a long time" you are simply wrong. My ksp is open as that screenshot and it is still on the loading screen playing the music and staying black as ever from 10 minutes
  4. How to: KSP

    Need help at real fuels, please!

    May I contact you because I still don't understand. When are you available so we can arrange a meeting together, please
  5. How to: KSP

    Need help at real fuels, please!

    Thanks for your amazing response! I shall do that
  6. Hello there! I installed the real fuels app for the real solar system mod and man, there are DIVERSE amounts of types of liquids and fuels and I have no idea how to start. Can someone please help me by giving me a fuel combo to start with? Thank you in advance! Real fuels @NathanKell
  7. How to: KSP

    [1.5] Real Fuels v12.7.3

    how can u install real fuels without realsim overhaul; pls help
  8. Hello! How do you get a ship from your save and post it on the forums website?
  9. How to: KSP

    Backwards Typing Glitch

    Thnx man. I will try those techniques later!
  10. How to: KSP

    Ban the user above you!

    Banned for telling me what to do!
  11. K thnx for answering my bizzare question
  12. How to: KSP

    Ban the user above you!

    Banned for no reason for your sucky writing XD
  13. How to: KSP

    Pls help! Backwards typing glitch!

    I put the keyboard to english! Idk maybe ill try deleting my arabic keyboard format Wait what is the 'home key'? And how do i fix this?
  14. Hello! Whenever I type in the game the text goes backwards especially when naming spacecraft! SPECS: macOS Sierra Macbook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015) 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5 8 GB 1867 MHz DDR3 C02PLXVTFVH5 Mods Dat I use: KSP: 1.2.2 (Unix) - Unity: 5.4.0p4 - OS: Mac OS X 10.12.1 Toolbar - 1.7.13 Chatterer - Community Category Kit - 1.2.1 Community Resource Pack - 0.6.4 Firespitter - 7.3 Flight Plan - 1.0.1 Kerbal Attachment System - 0.6.1 KSP-AVC Plugin - Kerbal Engineer Redux - Kerbal Joint Reinforcement - 3.3.1 HyperEdit - 1.5.3 Lithobrake Exploration Technologies - 0.4 MaritimePack - 0.1.9 ModularFlightIntegrator - 1.2.2 Outer Planets Mod - 2.0 Kerbal Planetary Base Systems - 1.3.9 Precise Node - 1.2.4 RealPlume - Stock - 0.11.1 TAC Fuel Balancer - 2.12 TAC Life Support - 0.12.7 TimeControl - 2.4 Trajectories - 1.6.5 Kerbal Alarm Clock - 3.8.3 TweakScale - 2.3.3 UbioWeldingLtd-Continued - 2.4.3 Here is video proof: NOTE: I also restarted the game a few times and the glitch isnt getting fixed! HELP ME! NOTE2: When I restart the game, I got to name one thing before the glitch strikes! @sal_vager @max_creative @Snark @KSK
  15. How to: KSP

    Loss of FPS when KSP is unfocussed

    Your welcome, m8