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  1. I didn’t think of the earth baddie idea it sounds like a cool idea
  2. This reminds of a saying the cake is a lie. It took me while to find the photo
  3. Indeed platipie are quite resilient to many things and don’t need light to swim just a fun fact Jim could include in the story
  4. I think fairly plausible is good enough for me I just want to see how the earth experience ties into the normal story
  5. You could just use an engine that doesn't burn it's fuel completely like a H2 and O2 fueled engine and then the leftover fuel could be burnt in the ramjet adapters
  6. How about a thing with the rebuilding the kerbal thing is rather funny and could add a nice plot twist
  7. What ever happened to the rest of Emiko story on earth just curious
  8. This teaser made my mind twist in a way I didn't think possible I think the twist for your story is with the kraken to get information for the kerbals or with the dalek like critter thwompberry
  9. Normally I am a stock player I have never used mods in my life but I was seriously thinking about it for this mod
  10. @JustJim No one said it had to be done legally and the contract holder can't defend it for himself because he is possessed by a kraken just kidding.
  11. Why not have the kerbals with the magic boulders chase the kraken all over the system and that could solve the issue with that contract and the contract could allow new parts to be allowed by the grand kerbal herself
  12. It seems to me that Jim drew some inspiration from the lion king the deposing thing
  13. Very nice you work fast I am impressed it was just two weeks and I am wondering what the kraken have planned do you get some of the ships where they need to be using hyper edit or do you actually fly the ships there