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  1. Yeah, KRnD has compatibility issues with many mods. If you have something installed that lets you modify parts, like B9 Part Switch, Tweak Scale or similar ones then KRnD won't work.
  2. Oh, I'm still interested in this, I just thought that the project has become abandoned. Glad to see you pick it back up! The timing is also excellent, because now that stock KSP is "feature complete" it's the best time to start a mega-playthrough, exploring and colonizing all the solar systems and so on. Because there is time for that now - I'm gonna stay on 1.12 for a while anyway What I'm curious about: Are you planning to make it so your tool will only create additional systems, like it was originally the plan or might there by an option to also replace the starting system?
  3. If I use an unsupported planet pack with this and then add the templates myself during a running save (i.e. once I found the respective planet with Research Bodies), will it still have an effect or must I start a new game to make changes?
  4. One of them around each planet isn't any worse than one in your entire game, because only one of them will be loaded at a time. While they are unloaded they just count as one craft, regardless how big they are, so they won't do any more damage than small satellites. The real challenge is being near one of those. At 475 parts you probably can't add much more, because most of us would already have extreme lagfests around this thing. Definitely don't try to get 2 of them loaded at the same time
  5. Since the mod only adds new star systems and leaves the stock system intact, I would assume mods that add planets and moons to the stock system are compatible, unless they add bodies that are very far out (far enough that they might already clash with some of the added star systems). If a mod replaced the stock system itself it is likely compatible if it doesn't rename the Sun itself. Because TBG might use the Sun as a reference point and if there is no Sun in your modded star system there might be issues. Mods that add other stars will likely be incompatible (because the added systems will likely overlap with those from TBG). However I asked the same question a few messages earlier and didn't get a reply, so I can only make semi-educated guesses here . Once Kopernicus works for my 1.9 save I might try it out and see what happens.
  6. If you have installed the dependencies correctly, then you should have options for different types of fuel mixes. There is a version that only has LH2, but there is also one that has LH2Ox. You gotta check out that multi-colored bar in the part actions window while in the VAB. If you really don't have an LH2Ox option there then try uninstalling and reinstalling everything related to Cryo Tanks. While CKAN usually does a good job it sometimes botches installs.
  7. Restock also breaks the stock fairings in 1.10.0. Apparently there is also an issue that can't be fixed by mods and would require a stock fix in 1.10.1.
  8. This sounds pretty good! I'm totally fine with full self-sufficiency not being possible everywhere as long as in many cases there's still a way. I like this "go to a place and make the most out of what you find there" scenario. I'd just find it a bit too punishing if every single MKS kolony required multiple (manual) supply lines from and to other planets . Not being able to produce all kinds of fuel everywhere is a good thing. It makes you adapt landers and shuttles around what you have and helps keeping things fresh. I'll give this mod a try!
  9. Is it even still possible to build a self-sufficient MKS kolony when using RR (i.e. will some substances just have more complex production chains and require more mining outposts on different locations of a body) or do there tend to be essential end products that are entirely unavailable on a given celestial body and have to be constantly shipped in from other planets?
  10. You used to require the MechJeb parts to use MechJeb, but this was changed (at least installing through CKAN gives you that patch by default) and so nowadays any command module has MechJeb functionality without any extra parts.
  11. Have you tried adjusting the ascent profile? By default the "turn shape" is set to 40%, which may already be too aggressive if your rocket has a low TWR, isn't very maneuverable and/or aerodynamic. If you rocket tips over, crashes or just doesn't make orbit despite sufficient deltaV, try turning the percentage up to 50% or even 60%. It will be a less efficient ascent, but it still lets MJ handle most of the oddly shaped rockets. If your save allows reverting flights, just experiment with this slider a bit to find your rocket's sweet spot. As far as your other issues go I have no idea, as I never used the other ascent profiles, only the default one. The others seem like legacy stuff to me, the classic ascent profile does a good enough job for me to stay with it.
  12. Oh, so it isn't supposed to look that way? I just assumed the Kerbals would be using lawn mowers around their buildings
  13. You've gotta keep in mind that Kerbin's atmosphere and clouds rise up much higher compared to the planet's diameter than they do on Earth. So it makes sense that the clouds are keeping an orange glow for a good while after the sun has already set on the surface.
  14. How does this interact with CommNet? Does it give the full science even if the signal is weak or do you still need to have 100% signal strength as usual? (Please excuse the necroposting, but since this is a mod thread I though opening a new one just to ask this question wouldn't be the way to go )
  15. I'm having no issues running this in 1.9.1. I added 1.8 mods as compatible to CKAN so it'd show up and let me install.
  16. I guess since TBG only creates new star systems but doesn't modify the Kerbol system it is compatible with planet packs that replace the stock system?
  17. Maybe make changes to the loops take time? I dunno how much extra coding this would involve, but this could simulate the construction effort needed to modify the cooling system. It would work for orbital assembly (since you likely don't need it right after docking a new section) and would prevent someone from quickly adding some more radiators to say the reactor cooling loop when the reactor is already overheating. Maybe deactivate loops that are currently undergoing construction. Like in real life, "Can you afford to shut it down for maintenance?"
  18. Does anyone know if the bonuses to funds/research/reputation you collect from an upgraded kolony scale with the difficulty settings? i.e. if I set funds rewards to 200% will MKS also give twice as much as normal or is it unaffected? I've been looking for this for a while but didn't find anything.
  19. 3-5mins, depending on the need to build the MM cache. I have 106 mods installed (GameData minus the squad folder is pretty much exactly 2gb), roughly 8k MM patches get applied. The mod collection is a pretty even mix of visual enhancers, part packs, gameplay mods and tools/basic framework (a bit of everything, basically). Unmodded installs would only take about 10 seconds to load, but since I don't play unmodded anymore, this is a bit irrelevant. I have an i7 5820k (12core, 3,3GHz by default but overclocked to 4,2GHz), a GTX 980ti, 32gb ram and my KSP is installed on an SSD (don't ask my about the specs of this device)
  20. The trick with the warp drive is to make the warp ship reuseable (which should not be difficult in case of a simple resource freighter). Of course the initial costs are still high, but someone who already has multiple mks bases scattered across the system should be able to afford one of these drives.
  21. The easiest solution would be building yourself a warp ship to make your deliveries not take 44 years. The alcubierre warp drive even comes as a USI mod
  22. Does anyone know if the funds/science/rep from the kolonization bonuses is influenced by admin building strategies (or by the income modifiers from the difficulty settings)?
  23. About 50/50. (For Earth it's about 30% land, 70% water)
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