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  1. Sorry for being silent lately, I am busy with uni stuff at the moment, but I will try to create a workaround this week.
  2. I have isolated the problem down to ResourceManager, you can read the details on the github issue. To put it short: RM tells the reactor to provide power to the engine, that is not connected to the reactor. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with the code base enough not to break something else with my fix. So, I am hoping @FreeThinker can provide some guidance on the matter. Electrical engines do not require direct connection to the reactor, so the should not exhibit such behavior. @ss8913, Could you, please, test other engines that require thermal or particle energy? Including engines with built in reactor like closed cycle. @Maelstrom Vortex Could you reproduce my vessel and test it in orbit(show output from KSPI tab)? I do not have problems with QSR on my setup. Vessel: https://imgur.com/JJVNi2Y In orbit: https://imgur.com/Fu4nqzn
  3. It appears this problem goes deeper than I have anticipated, see my last report on github. I have not figured out yet, how to fix it without breaking module operation and hope @FreeThinker can give me some advice. In the mean time you can try to manually shut down reactors, that are not needed, so they do not produce waste heat. E.g turn off reactors connected to the rear engines, while keeping vtol reactors operating.
  4. Thank you for the report. I have logged two issues on github: https://github.com/sswelm/KSP-Interstellar-Extended/issues/149 https://github.com/sswelm/KSP-Interstellar-Extended/issues/150 Feel free to add any relevant information. I am going to have a look at them as soon as I have time. Unless FreeThinker wants to fix it himself.
  5. Could you upload log files, please? It might show the source of problem. Also, if the game fails to load, that is likely related to some mod not being installed properly. So, I would suggest to start installing latest mod versions one by one on a clean KSP install to determine, where the problem shows itself.
  6. I have experienced problems like this, which turned out to be caused by old FilterExtensions version. You might want to install latest beta manually or completely remove FilterExtensions.
  7. Mod version/Example craft/Reproduction steps???? My bet is something is not installed correctly(probably CRP). Reinstall 1.16.1 completely(not just WarpPlugin, but dependencies as well) to a clean KSP installation and try again. I do not have any problems on the github version. A lot of errors related to Something is, definitely, wrong with community resource pack.
  8. Is it just me or is AM reactor stupidly powerful? 2.5m produces 1TW of power, more than QSR. Even though it is supposed to be balanced by the fact that AM is expensive and hard to come by, I feel that this reactor should be rebalanced for gameplay purposes as it makes every other reactor obsolete.
  9. I would advise against using mods with similar functionality. For the same reason you do not mix USI-LS, TAC-LS and Kerbalism in the same game, you do not want to use near future and KSPI together as it might affect game balance and stability. Near future is more lightweight and streamlined, while KSPI is more complex and speculative as it implements technologies, that exist only on paper. However, KSPI is self-contained and provides a uniform spectrum of engines and means to power them from nuclear and electric engines(like VASMIR) that are well understood to "magical" warp and fusion engines and antimatter reactors. Note, that some parts of the near future mod pack are safe to use. For example, near future construction, that only adds new parts without custom dlls. This is not the only part that exists as cfg file but not present in the game. This is not a critical problem, but mod needs to be cleaned from temporary experiments. Eventually. Wrong and right are subjective terms, not universal constants. If you or anyone else wishes to continue discussion about this license nonsense, I will gladly join you in the offtopic subforum.
  10. That does sounds strange. Also, the version that uses Lithium Deuteride is not supposed to be usable. The problem might be with mod installation, so reinstalling latest version on a clean game might help. I have just tried using that engine myself and have not found any problems with it: https://imgur.com/aOj4Vlp
  11. I think I found the problem people are having with magnetic engines and AM reactors. Magnetic nozzle uses all available charged particle it can get regardless of throttle setting(similar to how old Vista engine worked). And AM reactor is more than happy to produce 1TW of energy to power the nozzle. However, only 95% of that energy is converted to CP and consumed by the engine. The other 5% = 50GW are in the form of thermal energy, that needs to be radiated somehow. Considering that even the largest radiators radiate a couple of GW vessel needs a whole lot of them to get rid of that much power. However, reactors can be throttled down. So, if radiators on the vessel are not capable to radiate 50GW, AM reactor's power output can be reduced down to 10%. This engine requires electrical power, which you can not get directly from a reactor. Reactors produce power in the form of heat(thermal power) and charged particles. So, you need a generator, which will convert reactor's output to electrical power as megawatts. For AM reactor it is best to use charged particle generator as it produces most of it energy as charged particles. On a related note: Indeed, KSP forum rules prevent me from distributing free content without restrictions. But they do not prevent me from making backups. Neither they prevent me from helping people, whose crafts will no longer load due to microchannel radiators missing from KSPI.
  12. Mine_Turtle

    Engine turn off on action group

    It was TCA smart engine setting messing with my engines. Even when TCA was disabled as a module it still had control over engines. Disabling smart engines solved the problem.
  13. I believe that it is indeed good for the community, if mod assets, be it a piece of code, a texture or a model, can be freely reused. Not only this increases mod development speed, but allows certain mods to exist in the first place, because not everyone can be a great programmer and artist at the same time. Obviously, this also has impact on the experience of the mod users as due to restrictive licenses certain features maybe missing from a mod. For example, KSS is currently lacking good cloud textures due license issues with EVE. As a result, clouds do not look as good as they could be. Note, that I am not encouraging to blatantly steal assets for whatever reason. I respect the amount of work developers put into their creations. But at as long as their work is given credit for, I do not care about licensing restrictions.
  14. Oh, no. Assets from one free, open-source game mod are being reused in another free, open-source game mod to improve user experience. Someone should call for teh Internet police.
  15. Indeed, charged particle consumption for magnetic nozzle is not affected by throttle. I can easily fix this in the code, but I need to know how the engine is supposed to work not to break its desired operation mode. Could anyone(I am looking at you @FreeThinker) provide me with some theoretical explanation of the engine operation? Specifically, I need to know how this engine is different from plasma nozzle, because plasma nozzle is using standard thermal nozzle controller module, while magnetic nozzle has completely different controller(both engines require power and charged particles).