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  1. Congrats on the 1.3.0 update! Does the trajectories mod work with it, or is it giving problems?
  2. @Kowgan That's an absolute beauty of a map you've got there! Thank you so much for all your work. I had a request, actually. Can I use this map in an application I'm making? With credit to you of course. I do understand if you don't want me to use it. Thank you!
  3. Is there any add-on which shows the trajectory of the ship and where will it land after experiencing drag in the atmosphere? Whenever I try to land at KSC or any other piece of flat land, I find it difficult to land on the exact position I had chosen, due to decay of the orbit. So, is there any mod which shows me where I will exactly land after experiencing drag in the atmosphere? Thank you.
  4. Hey KSP! After a long time, I finally decided to launch a ship to Duna (manned, of course. I can't risk my unmanned probes ) I wanted some help landing on Duna. The most trouble I seem to get is to get an intercept to Duna by Hohmann transfer. What is the ideal relative position of Kerbin and Duna, to get a nice trajectory? Also, are 19 radial drogue parachutes, 9 radial parachutes, and 1 main parachute enough for landing?
  5. As shown in the screenshot, KER reads out two readings for stage 3 - 1697m/s, and 5196m/s. Why are those two different? And why are the ones below it the same?
  6. I'd like to enter a contestant here in the easy mode. All stock parts, mod used was Kerbal Engineer. I reached a top speed of 1109 m/s. http://imgur.com/Hl67it1&9QFZOtk&LSNnk9U
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