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  1. how does my prop fighter do against yours so far
  2. i made my creation in less than an hour and it beat yours in testing
  3. only 50 cals in bd armory and any weapon in aviators arsenal execpt turrets.
  4. her is the p-18 which is smaller faster and more maneuverable than the current king and pics of it will be added later. https://kerbalx.com/epicman352/P-18-falcon
  5. epicman81

    ◥BDArmory Jets Thread◤

    how do you guys like my jets mod needed are on the kerbal x page
  6. epicman81

    ◥BDArmory Jets Thread◤

    F-21 Vulcan https://kerbalx.com/epicman352/f-21 F/A-50 Stinger https://kerbalx.com/epicman352/Wasbiton-Aerospace-FA-50-stinger
  7. epicman81

    ◥BDArmory Jets Thread◤

    I will make some craft for this