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  1. epicman81

    Temple Airstrike Challenge

    Ok sending a kerbal now
  2. epicman81

    Temple Airstrike Challenge

    can we plant a flag at the temple for navigation?
  3. I submitted the VT L-900 and the VT SP-100
  4. VERTECH INTRODUCES OUR FIRST SEAPLANE THE SP-100 Range is Approximately 900 km cruising altitude of around 7 km With ertech's Famous Comfort, you can Go to any island and fly with the dolphins. For the low price of $55,713,000, you can have the great and Luxurious Seaplane. LINK:https://kerbalx.com/epicman352/VT-SP-100
  5. Any ETA on when the L-900 will be reviewed?
  6. epicman81

    What crimes against Kerbin have you committed?

    Strapped Jeb to a nuke and dropped it on the old ksc
  7. epicman81

    [WIP] Neist Airliner parts

    any plans for a 747 and A380 parts
  8. Vertech Industries Offers you the newest in Jumbo Jet Comfort with the L-900! Our Newest Widebody Jumbo Jet has the capacity to carry 240 kerbals in comfort as they go to there destination in style with State of the art bathrooms and for first class, showers and personal bathrooms in their suite. for people not riding first class, we offer large legroom with reclinable seats. You can Browse the internet with our complimentary wifi or watch movies with our free movie streaming service. Both of our aisles are wide enough to allow two-way traffic to prevent people having to wait for a food cart to pass by before using the bathroom. With it's Estimated range of more than 2000km at 6,000m at around 250m/s you can have this for 375,778,000 Funds
  9. I am working on the Vertech L-900 Jumbo jet so far I have gotten the passenger size and takeoff speed down and now I am just testing it's range and speed