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  1. A new 3.75m capsule would be cool or just any capsule that holds more than 3 kerbals
  2. The Vertech Stingray Supersonic Passenger Seaplane Download Here: https://kerbalx.com/epicman352/Vertech-Stingray Price: $649,400 Average Range: 830km Recommended Cruising altitude and speed: 355m/s at around 8,000 meters The First Made by Vertech Industries, The Stingray provides a Fast, Comfortable Supersonic seaplane that after takeoff and the supersonic boost phase, has its two engines on the sides fold up for more stability when at cruising altitude. in the event of an emergency crash landing the plane can land in the water at around 100/ms only de
  3. I used ascent guidance to get in orbit and landing guidance to help with the trajectory prediction. I manually piloted the glider back to the runway. I am sorry for the confusion
  4. The Following is my submission of Daedalus for the Commander Rank STS-1A Mission. The only part mods used are the modular launch pad mod and tantares.
  5. LUNEX-1with my Daedalus craft only modded parts are from launchpad using the modular launchpad mod LIFTOFF PART 2 FINAL PART any landing you can walk away from is a good one
  6. thx I based the design off a mix of the Dreamchaser and the BOR-4 shown here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BOR-4 and I also managed to make a fully working crew tower where you can drive your kerbals to the launch pad and bring them up to the craft
  7. The DV-3 heavy lift with my Daedalus spacecraft available on KerbalX https://kerbalx.com/epicman352/Daedalus. I usually use it for station modules and larger crafts as well
  8. can we plant a flag at the temple for navigation?
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