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  1. Oh, cool! Glad you found that! I guess benjee knew what he was doing Thanks for answering that, clears things up. Edit: I kept reading and noticed where the Vipers come into play. Man, these people turned interstellarinto a reality, noticing every little detail... I luv wikia!
  2. Just makes more sense for the ranger to use oxidizer too. It gets kinda annoying hauling extra oxidizer around on the endurance with not nearly enough liquid fuel to burn it. And another thing, seems kinda OP for a generator that produces more ec output than engine input... Edit: Also, in the movie the ranger can take off of a planet 130% the size of the earth (millers planet). Assuming the ranger's capabilities in the mod was based off of kerbin being like earth, it seems like it should have a teensy bit more liquid fuel, because when I take off of kerbin, go into a low orbit (100,000 -1
  3. Hey, just messing around with the mod and I was wondering, why does the ranger have only liquid fuel, and not oxidizer like the lander or endurance?
  4. Haha yeah... If he doesn't make some sort of Elon Musk rocket and blow Kerbin to become flat so the Kerbal atheists will destroy all of christianity before aliens rise from the surface of the earth with their "antigravity spacecraft"... Yeah, that is literally what the entire ten minutes of the video is about!
  5. Haha yeah, I'm with ya on that one XD
  6. Okay, fixed the craft files. The Viper doesn't bounce around all over the place on takeoff and land (I had to learn about KSP landing gear settings). And it was @Phers who wanted the craft files and whoever else, I have them ready! (That sentence totaly made sense)
  7. Didn't someone want craft files? I have some that I rigged up, the best I could do with what I found about the Endurance's structure (Mostly where the research and habitat modules go). However, this Endurance uses a part from a previous version of the mod that had HabitatPack (the inflatable Habitat), I can remove that if necessary. Also, I added some lights to the Lander and Ranger, and some landing gear to the Viper. If anyone wants these crafts, just let me know! The Endurance was pretty easy difficulty-wise to get into orbit. I have sub-assemblies that do get it into the air. You migh
  8. @JPLRepo if it is okay with you, can I test for bugs and suggest ideas that I have along the way?
  9. Yeah, I noticed this like five minutes ago XD I'll let you know if I figure anything out...
  10. I might be able to help a bit, I've messed around with config files in a text editor and I have a basic understanding if what I'm doing (Like changing KIS inventory space in parts or adding ISRU capabilities to some parts that should have them, like warp drives). I'm not entirely sure where my skills lie on the spectrum of mod making, I just know I'm not a noob at it, but I could by no means make my own mods. Oh, I forgot to mention, I added some KIS inventory space in the Lander because, to me at least, it only makes sense. It just seems like there was a bit of space in the back for ligh
  11. Nice job JPLRepo! Thanks again for all the work you put into this! I'm having soooo much fun in KSP now!
  12. Wow, RoverDude, I am thoroughly impressed by this mod! I have played with it and have come to this conclusion: It is the best mod I have ever played with. Seriously! KSP is the perfect game for me to figure out warp drive physics, and when I found this mod, the excitement overwhelmed me! Thank you so much for making this mod!
  13. Sorry, I didn't have time to look at anything this morning. Wasn't trying to be rude, and I was trying to emphasize that I loved the mod more than I wanted it updated. Didn't mean that the way it sounded.
  14. OMG This is my favorite mod of all mods! I've had a blast going to Duna and building bases and flying around, doing all the stuff with all the things. Thank you for reviving this mod! However, I recently updated my KSP version to 1.1, and I had to fix some stuff that I knew how (position of lander vtol engines, direction of ranger engines) but I eventually gave up on fixing things because I just kept finding problems with the mod. Yes, yes, I understand that the mod is designed for KSP 1.0.5, but I am too ambitious to give up the KSP update and would rather fix the mod myself. Just wondering w
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