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  1. if we get a night time VAB it would be amazing to see the kerbal workers running about in their pyjamas, perhaps with a few pillow fights going on! the trucks could be replaced with jet-powered bunk-beds!
  2. I am really enjoying playing in a scaled up Kerbin system (loving the challenge of 6.4x with stock balanced parts!), but does anyone have any tips to firm up the ground so that my kerbs aren't sinking into or floating above surfaces?
  3. @Kozzy there is a mod called "adjustable mod panel" which might help clean up your screen, but resisting cheating is entirely up to you!
  4. I would pay a lot of money to see my first craft files again (for nostalgia reasons), and then pay a whole bunch more money to hide those craft forever (for noobish-shame reasons!) I do recall playing the free demo-game though, and furiously scribbling altitude results on a notepad after each launch as I attempted to "science the potatoes" out of this game and improve my rockets!
  5. I think I may have found a small bug! The thrust of the LV909 Terrier engine is slightly offset from centre (all variants). This can be demonstrated in the VAB by placing the engine and rotating it along the long axis to see the thrust indicator wobble about. Reproducible with restock 0.1.2, module manager 4.0.2, and KSP 1.6.1
  6. hi @ActicFoxy and welcome to the forums! CKAN is a tool that is very useful for streamlining the modding process, it's kinda like mechjeb in real life, but for mods (not rated for flying spacecraft!) Grab a copy of it here and then place the .exe file in your kerbal directory on your PC (looks like "...\steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program") and then let CKAN take care of everything automatically! Once you get the hang of how mods work from watching where CKAN installs them (hint: it's the GameData folder!), then switch to manual installs, and then custom modding
  7. When adjusting slider values in the VAB or SPH (e.g. thrust limiter, gimbal limit, etc..) it is infuriating to not be able "slide" to the precise value I want. It would be extremely pleasing to be able to manually input these values with the keyboard after, say, shift-clicking or crtl-clicking the slider bar. (ps. if there is a mod for this functionality please direct me to it!)
  8. After being dried and ground to a fine consistency, the Rhino engine bell can be used as an aphrodisiac to boost struggling rockets...
  9. to answer your question: oh, and welcome to the forums @Sanny!
  10. I'm not very excited for this launch pad... it looks very similar to other launch sites, plus starting on the mun just feels like cheating to me. Will this rob people of the satisfaction of safely making it to the mun by their own efforts? However, I would be excited to see a 10hr video of Jeb tumbling helplessly across the Munar surface! (ahh! glorious memories of tumbling...)
  11. my understanding of this saying goes: "you can't polish a turd, but you can roll it in glitter!"
  12. From this day forth, in each new game, my first unmanned orbiter shall be called "Maximum Sputnik" The revamps look amazing, keep up the good work!
  13. Excited to see over 15,000 views on this thread, and growing daily! That represents a HUGE number of people eagerly, yet patiently, checking in for news about this mod which is sure to become the new gold-standard for part packs
  14. revamped poodle AND stock deltaVee!?!! It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas...
  15. That's one heck of a biased poll! But in answer: yes, always I play career games with USI life support (I like the habitation timer & simplified "supplies" resource) unless I'm doing a forum challenge
  16. Here's a little story, probably I should call it "Clank"
  17. I would also like to see radiators become more important in game! Perhaps additional part heat could be generated for each unit of electrical power consumed? Power consumption for crewed parts (call it "environmental control systems") could then be increased until an enjoyable game balance is found. Suddenly we would have an excuse for large radiators on stations, and to build antennas away from heat sensitive areas!
  18. From the ksp wiki page "with CommNet enabled ... vessels without a Pilot require a link to a control source for full control" Probably you were getting full control around Kerbin when you set out (particularly if you are using a probe-core to boost a engineer or scientist's piloting ability), but moved out of signal range near Eeloo. The CommNet option can be toggled on/off in the difficulty settings.
  19. i'm glad the launch escape system worked and everyone is ok everyone at mission control will receive a complimentary "check yo staging" bumper sticker after this!
  20. @voicey99 Brilliant! My kerbonauts can now clumsily collect science with confidence! Later, when I need to deliberately scrap parts, I will just reinstall the cfg file
  21. Is there a way to disable the "disassemble part" right click option, or add a second "are you sure?!" step? I've ruined several missions lately by accidentally disassembling critical parts
  22. these revamped parts are beginning to look very exciting, i can feel my hype growing! are there any plans for colour variant options for nose cones, structural tubes, or engine shrouds?
  23. I have also experienced problems with landing legs and wheels: small aircraft landing gear bouncing while parked (kind of like a pimped lowrider) landing legs exploding when docking rovers to bases (somewhat less explodey on lower gravity planets) wheel suspension fully compressing and sagging for no good reason when away from Kerbin radial placed landing legs providing uneven support, leading to rocket tilt landed vessels jumping when you approach them (I had a bad experience with a münar landed rescue contract where approaching the target caused it to jump & explode every time ) Also I really miss having the ability to right-click retract individual landing legs from a symmetrical set, this was very handy for landing on steep slopes! I hope that in 1.5 squad can fix some of these problems, because I really like making bases, rovers, and planes. For now I can work around most problems by using MKS for the tougher legs and logistics functions.
  24. @Mitchz95 exactly! this might be the most brilliant piece of PR that mankind will ever see! also: I hope SpaceX sticks with the "body flaps" terminology, makes my body-flaps seem awesome now!
  25. Inviting artists, musicians, and film makers along is fiendishly clever! How better to reach into the dreams & aspirations of the masses than by co-opting the very people who already control what we see and hear all day long?