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  1. banned for overly complicated explanation
  2. it's so great to see the community pulling together to keep a beloved mod alive! @EmbersArc is there any chance of you working your magic on Ven's SpaceX style legs which appeared briefly in version 1.9.2?
  3. check out sites like animelab (if you are in Australia, not sure for other countries) as they have many new and classic amine to stream for free @MaxxQ hit the nail on the head with his list (studiously avoiding "neon genesis evangelion" until you are too far hooked to turn back) my recommendation is "Kill la Kill"; it is fast paced, stupidly funny, and flips many anime tropes on their head.. and then punches them for good measure!
  4. if only there was some kind of basic flight computer which could have simple commands preset to activate after a delay even without a command signal... if only... *coughs* *looks in the direction of RemoteTech*
  5. rocket powered food preparation? I can almost picture the contract now for "RT-10 Ramen Delivery, splashed down at Manley's Hunger" although the animal component of this might be limited to flavour sachets...
  6. fruit flies, plankton, plant seeds, or even yeast would be easier on the dV requirements
  7. oh glob that's horrible! I always thought that mystery goo was a combination of kerbal ear wax, left over snacks, and rocket fuel, I had no idea that it was made of puppers.. knowing this I will never send another goo into space transmit for half science again! I guess now we know why the goo is so excited to go to the beach!
  8. I say: stick with stock aero for now, and when @ferram4 is ready you will appreciate FAR even more for having played without it (kind of like hiding your toys in November so your Christmas pressies seem even more awesome!!) @Tidus Klein maybe you could role play mid-career atmospheric upgrades as the affect of global warming?
  9. Second video is up, and... it's good! My fears of the re-master loosing the original's charm were completely misplaced, plus I'm really liking the retrospective commentary! I think the new series really speaks to all of us who have restarted many (many, many..) careers and have improved over time due to our mistakes, but still look fondly upon those silly errors. Keep up the good work!
  10. Granted! After consuming one of Jeb's special snacks you begin to see all kinds of colours everywhere you look (and even some places you smell and touch), including when you look at black holes. Suddenly you realise why Jeb is always smiling! I wish for some fixed axle heavy duty wheels in KSP which would allow me to load my rockets onto trucks and deliver them to grassland launch sites!
  11. Better sound and shiny graphics are awesome, but my favourite part of all the video series is seeing how you (and the Kerbals) overcome technical challenges as KSP spits them out! Would you have to re-recreate launches to capture the new footage? And would this mean we loose the spontaneity of the first-edition series?
  12. -14 (+) onwards, upwards, and sidewards towards neutrality! hear our mighty battle cry of "Meh..."!!
  13. it would be cool if the new aerodromes each had a unique (and awkwardly shaped) cargo to be collected! maybe the cargo could be components to build an orbit capable rocket once they are assembled on the grass next to the KSC? adit: imagine using a sea plane to collect a spent booster floating offshore, then fly it home, hose it down, refuel, and attach a new payload for another launch... hehe now i know what i'm attempting today!
  14. @MunGazer don't give up! maybe try using some aircraft wheels instead of rover wheels, and just let the load roll freely out?
  15. hehe couldn't resist! @Planetfall has a good point, is there anything setting this challenge apart from the munar crusade?
  16. done! here is my entry to the Emergency Rescue Flight (FAR edition), total time: 2hrs 12mins 23sec link to imgur album
  17. bwahahahahar!! 2 claws and some guide rails later...
  18. oooh! i think i got it to budge! just had to switch vessels, switch back, watch all my wheels explode, quickload and repeat with the gear up, and now i think i'm ready to try for take off! edit: i may need to go back to the drawing board for this one...
  19. noooooo! there is some kind of sorcery here! i flew to the airport, and grabbed it successfully, but then discovered that my unstoppable force was no match for this immovable object! turns out that airport is glued down (probably with the remains of smooshed kerbals leaping to be rescued!) and is not moving for any reason!
  20. I did some mucking about with RATO but in the end decided against it; even if the cost per unit was dirt cheap it was still gonna take a boat load of units to get moving @Van Disaster had the right idea to use the grass for a longer takeoff... also if you back up the hill at the edge of the grass you can use the slope to start moving more quickly also I was thinking of attempting the rescue flight, but due to the high risk of inflicting falling injuries to our patient I was considering simply transporting the entire airport back to the KSC! is there a bonus-round score for achieving this feat?