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  1. story mode? "kerstronomers have discovered an asteroid on a collision course! you have xx years to intercept it and save kermanity!"

    ai competitors in career mode?

    factorio meets ksp? "so you wanna launch a rocket eh?, better start by making some iron plates..."

    kerbdew valley? the ultimate marshmallow farming simulator ON MINMUS! 


    actually i'd just be happy if the aero model got updated a little so that tubes worked and attachment-point-fu was no longer required for aerodynamically shaped craft

  2. I would pay a lot of money to see my first craft files again (for nostalgia reasons), and then pay a whole bunch more money to hide those craft forever (for noobish-shame reasons!)

    I do recall playing the free demo-game though, and furiously scribbling altitude results on a notepad after each launch as I attempted to "science the potatoes" out of this game and improve my rockets!  :D

  3. hi @ActicFoxy and welcome to the forums! 

    CKAN is a tool that is very useful for streamlining the modding process, it's kinda like mechjeb in real life, but for mods (not rated for flying spacecraft!)

    Grab a copy of it here and then place the .exe file in your kerbal directory on your PC (looks like "...\steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program") and then let CKAN take care of everything automatically! 

    Once you get the hang of how mods work from watching where CKAN installs them (hint: it's the GameData folder!), then switch to manual installs, and then custom modding :)

  4. When adjusting slider values in the VAB or SPH (e.g. thrust limiter, gimbal limit, etc..) it is infuriating to not be able "slide" to the precise value I want.

    It would be extremely pleasing to be able to manually input these values with the keyboard after, say, shift-clicking or crtl-clicking the slider bar.

    (ps. if there is a mod for this functionality please direct me to it!)