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  1. @MunGazer don't give up! maybe try using some aircraft wheels instead of rover wheels, and just let the load roll freely out?
  2. hehe couldn't resist! @Planetfall has a good point, is there anything setting this challenge apart from the munar crusade?
  3. done! here is my entry to the Emergency Rescue Flight (FAR edition), total time: 2hrs 12mins 23sec link to imgur album
  4. bwahahahahar!! 2 claws and some guide rails later...
  5. oooh! i think i got it to budge! just had to switch vessels, switch back, watch all my wheels explode, quickload and repeat with the gear up, and now i think i'm ready to try for take off! edit: i may need to go back to the drawing board for this one...
  6. noooooo! there is some kind of sorcery here! i flew to the airport, and grabbed it successfully, but then discovered that my unstoppable force was no match for this immovable object! turns out that airport is glued down (probably with the remains of smooshed kerbals leaping to be rescued!) and is not moving for any reason!
  7. I did some mucking about with RATO but in the end decided against it; even if the cost per unit was dirt cheap it was still gonna take a boat load of units to get moving @Van Disaster had the right idea to use the grass for a longer takeoff... also if you back up the hill at the edge of the grass you can use the slope to start moving more quickly also I was thinking of attempting the rescue flight, but due to the high risk of inflicting falling injuries to our patient I was considering simply transporting the entire airport back to the KSC! is there a bonus-round score for achieving this feat?
  8. banned for failure to use all of the letters on your keyboard, a lazy brown fox is sorely disappointed at your ability to jump over a fence...
  9. Well, I did it! Here is my entry for the Cargo Flight (FAR edition), the score is not fantastic but I'm extremely happy with the sheer mass of the cargo cargo mass: 1,274 tonnes fuel: 16,000 - 6,297 = 9,703 units x 0.8 = 7,762 funds score: 6.09 imgur album here mods used: FAR (for voxel-model comfort) KJR (for stiffness) STX (for radial hulls) VSR (for 20% coolness) USI core (for the big kontainer, because 1200t of regular ore looks silly!) tweakscale (to make mk2 hulls 1.325m width so they fit nicely against radial hulls) B9 Procedural Wings (for literal acres of wings)
  10. @Pine I know you said no rocket planes, but how do you feel about rocket assisted lift off? I've been working on a monster able to deliver a stupendous 1,200 tonne payload but the runway is always slightly too short to be able to reach take off speed! Also: i'm running into a problem that is making it hard to maintain level flight, periodically the pitch control will become very unstable (roll and yaw are fine) with the plane see-sawing between about 30deg up and then nose diving. If anyone with proper big-plane building experience has any advice it would be appreciated, so far I've just been (ahem) winging it!
  11. Granted! A killer rabbit appears and proceeds to satiate its murderous impulses by brutally eviscerating dozens of young plants in my vegetable garden... lucky for me rabbits are herbivores! I wish I could forget everything that I know about KSP so I could experience the joy of discovery and the satisfaction of problem solving all over again
  12. Banned for failure to make a good clean joke about offending avatar
  13. I can almost hear the astronaut in the foreground saying to his friend "hey Liam, watch me flip this boulder eh!"
  14. no can do, sorry I wish more teachers would use the "stair method" for grading papers (find a staircase, assign a grade to each stair, stand at top and throw papers down staircase, where the paper lands determines grade!)
  15. me too at least clicking accept to clear them gives you some free funds from the advance, cha-ching!
  16. new rule: no banning allowed without knowledge of soup contents (arbitrary rules game)
  17. Very nice! This series is shaping up to be another awesome one Do you think anyone will ever make a procedural engine mod, or is it Kerbalkind's white whale? It would be pretty cool to have visually accurate models with tweakable construction materials, combustion chambers, bell shapes and cooling, fuel pumps, fuel ratios, vectoring ranges, etc.. that produce realistic engine performance and failure modes. hehe it would certainly make pre-flight testing important!
  18. Granted! But you are now a reindeer, and power lines scare the crap out of you! I wish the media would stop giving free-advertising to nut jobs who go on killing sprees
  19. Banned! for listening to advice from some dude with a sphere on his back...
  20. Granted!, But just like Tantalus, that burrito is forever just beyond your grasp. I wish @cantab had not mentioned batteries earlier, because now mine is flat too!! (I’M A’ CHARGIN’ MAH LAZER BATTERY)
  21. Granted! But your pet is Kid Rock, and he is drinking all of your whiskey!! I wish that dictators were a variety of potato.
  22. Granted! You are thrown into a timey-wimey portal and find yourself stranded in the Early Cambrian, where you can have all the trilobites you desire (if they desire you!) I wish that while you are waiting 520 million years for KSP to be invented, you use your free time to influence the evolution of forks to so that they have opposable thumbs
  23. hehe granted! "that is the smallest amount of gold I've ever seen! how remarkable!!" I wish news reporters would correctly use the expression "decimated" to indicate 10% damage or casualties (as a side note consider this: there is a higher grade of gold in most cemeteries than there is in many gold mines...)