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  1. 15 (-) we must bring balance to the force! onwards to zero!!
  2. Granted! A truckload of thyme is delivered to your house every day for a month. I wish I could stop making terrible puns...
  3. Granted! but... an unexpected surge in sales of "keep calm and chill out" shirts and posters causes the global economy to crash, but nobody is upset but... everyone dresses like the Fonz and walks about all day saying "heeeeeeey!", no work is done, many sharks are jumped but... you must wait for the eventual heat death of the universe, and at this point everything is chill I wish that plants would scream whenever they were pruned! bwahaha!
  4. nope. all regular here but maybe @EliasDanger would like to guess again?
  5. Granted, but it's always cloudy for some reason.. I wish I could control the weather, kind of like an old school vampire but with out the annoying "only cross running water at the turn of the tide" rules. Also: no sparkling please, and no emo moods (why would you be sad if you can just make the day warm and sunny?!)
  6. banned because excessive coffee jittering made me click on the ban button
  7. The Styrofoam ball resists entry into the coin slot, and is then chewed up and sprayed back at you! Now you have tiny bits of foam everywhere, and they wont clean up easily. Several years later you receive a boomerang! Inserts 17 miss matched socks discovered behind the clothes dryer...
  8. haha that's the best response ever, and I heartily approve! thanks for the great mods, and all the (ongoing, and going, and going) support
  9. An update on the hover-wheels situation: it's not the wheels! (hehe wheely-good news for a change!) the culprit seems to be an interaction between TweakScale and FAR. I haven't been able to unleash the dramatic levitation seen before, however some weirdness is happening to pitch/yaw/roll when using a resized elevon, and I suspect this is leading to the floating (as Egg Shen says: "that's how it always begins, very small.") To recreate I made a fresh install, add mods, then start a new game, make a simple craft with a tweaked elevon, launch, weirdness ensues KSP: 1.1.2 (Win64) - Unity: 5.2.4f1 - OS: Windows 10 (10.0.0) 64bit Ferram Aerospace Research - ModularFlightIntegrator - 1.1.4 TweakScale - 2.2.12 ModuleManager - 2.6.25
  10. @Umbra TuSlayer there is definitely something going funny with wheels, but I'm not sure that FAR is to blame. I encountered the tap-dancing wheels yesterday, but mostly just thought it was funny as it made my craft look a little like boston dynamic's big dog! It only seems to affect wheels that are rotated in pitch direction or attached to rotated parts (I was fooling about with pitch angle of a set of wings) After updating all mods today, and seeing your post I thought I would try again and behold: hover wheels!!!! this plane has wings angled +5deg with wheels under the wings angled at -5deg, other planes with squarely attached wheels seem to be working fine. I'll grab a clean install and see if I can recreate this outside of my career save
  11. Granted! All future wishes will now be interpreted correctly, however even with this new insight the granting entities still inflict cruel twists because they are conniving, uncaring, nefarious trolls! I wish for a sandwich!
  12. 8/10 "before you eat the hay, you must become the hay" hehe buy that cow a comb!
  13. A wormhole opens in the sky and an Ammarian warship falls through instead! You decide to rapidly relocate to the nearest shelter as his Impairor class vessel plummets end over end towards the ground, seemingly unable to operate within the physical laws of this universe. Just before impact you hear a radio transmission consisting mostly of screams and allegations of "dirty Gallente sabotage" Inserts an out-of-date box of rations discovered while sheltering.
  14. 60 days later... dozens of adorable tiny little vending machines emerge from the nearby sand and begin crawling towards the closest ocean. Safely into the shallows, soon they will migrate to colder waters to graze contentedly upon sea grasses for years, until they reach maturity and return once again to the forums! Inserts a haikouichthys (found seeming abandoned beside the venting machine)
  15. Bouncer says "no clubbing for you, step out of the line sir." @TheSealBrigade responds indignantly "but my friends are already inside!", scuffle ensues.. Officially banned for "no shoes, no shirt, no service!!"
  16. Receives odd stretching sensation in the tips of his bounds, and suddenly acquires a deep and compelling urge to get a "bigger boat"... whatever that means! Hoping for toast, inserts bread...
  17. bwahahah!! blasting your hopes and dreams of cake!! @max_creative
  18. 7 kits out of the skulk are those armless-sunglasses? Morpheus would be proud!
  19. Granted! But... all your swing-bys swing-low, and require to be swung from within a chariot. I wish that in 2017 high fashion would adopt the mono-brow as the "new black"
  20. nope! where lightning strikes once, ninja strikes twice!! @Red Iron Crown
  21. Gets 5,000 gallons of delicious sauropod soup (in no way affiliated with sauropod payment) with bonus free wontons!!** **only available 3pm to 3:05pm on the 5th Tuesday of every month in a leap year that begins with the number A Inserts oddly shaped Hong Kong currency....
  22. newbie ninja'd!! not even close @CAKE99
  23. Granted!!! But before you can complete making your wish, your mouth is replaced by a Muppet-style jaw that can only communicate by singing in lyrics from Lou Bega's Mambo Number 5... *shudder* I wish for Timothy Peake (currently on the RL ISS) to respond to questions in interviews with a phrase other than "that's a great question..." (or at least to know who he had a bet with back on earth to use this phrase over, and over, and over again!)