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  1. Can someone please guide me to the instructions for correctly updating versions of GPP. Thanks,
  2. Howdy, I'm currently playing KSP with multiple mods focused progression realism. I would like to start using MecJeb to place my ships in Kerbin orbit now but I can't for the life of me find out when I will get the capability that allows that feature. I've already landed on multiple bodies and sent countless ships into the system, but I still haven't unlocked the ascent guidance module. Does anyone know? Thanks! TGC
  3. Exactly or something even as simple as just exiting the aircraft as we currently do, then activating a chute.
  4. Don't forget all of the science that you can get just by EVA's and performing experiments around the different buildings of the KSP complex. Create a simple ground vehicle to drive to each area of KSP and within 30 minutes you will get approx. 200 exp, boosting your development significantly early on. The Game Colonel
  5. Sorry if this has already been asked but I couldn't find it during a forum search. Are there any plans to equip Kerbals with parachutes, especially while in aircraft, to enable their survival when all goes wrong (very frequently)? Being a pilot myself I know the value of these little bundles of life saving material. Placing a chute on a Kerbal makes more sense than placing chutes on their aircraft as I see many do, to spare their cargo/Kerbal from a fiery end. The Game Colonel
  6. "You know you're playing a lot of KSP when..." You start walking around in a slow, bouncy, astronaut walk You say "Roger Command" after someone talks to you Your continually looking for places to plant a flag in your neighborhood You wish there was a quick save button in life... The Game Colonel
  7. What add-ons or mods did you use for this Mun mission?
  8. Howdy all! New to the forum but jumping back into the game after a 1+ year break. Looking forward to reading many of the postings here and getting to know some of the members. I currently reside in Utah and member of the USAF. 48yo but with the heart of a teenager and fascinated at how computer gaming has advanced over the years. My weakness in this game is orbit rendezvous and became a reason for my drifting from it in the past. I hope to master it now, hopefully with the help of some of you. Cheers, DB The Game Colonel
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