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  1. Will we ever get a system where we can link different guard mode systems to different guns on the same craft? It would be useful because WW2 bombers could have gunners all targeting different aircraft at the same time or a destroyer shooting at other ships and at the same time shooting AA guns at aircraft. I ask this because the current guard mode system only lets the craft shoot at 1 target at a time.
  2. Is there a way to disable the fire FX upon parts being destroyed? It's lagging my game like crazy and I've got a GTX 1060.
  3. I'm pretty sure it does. It's the Juno and the Panther that have no thrust reversing.
  4. 1: go into your game directory/game folder (i put mine on the desktop for ease of access but yours might be somewhere else) 2: go into to GameData folder 3: find the mod folders you want to delete 4: select them 5: press the delete key 6: if it asks you to delete press "yes" 7: ??? 8: profit EDIT: I didn't read the second page like the idiot I am, so this post is probably useless by now my apologies
  5. Isn't it possible to download the Linux build directly from the KSP store on one of your other computers and transfer the .zip file over to your Linux machine? Or are you doing this through Steam?
  6. It'd be nice if someone revived this mod, I enjoyed it a lot and I'm too stupid to do it myself
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