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  1. Really like this idea: "Would also be cool if we could set the default rotation and move increments in a cfg file." Must have mod, thanks!!!
  2. I kinda like Astrogator. No porkchop or fancy angle displays but seems to work fine.
  3. Thanks David! I'm using 18.10/KSP1.7.2 with Ubuntu 14.04. I've set "disable stock scan" and when I right click the M4435, I don't see the "hi-def" map. Still shows Kerbnet access. Is there a setting I've missed?
  4. Hi Folks, Running 1.7.0 on Ubuntu 14.04. MJ 2.8.3 Landing guidance question: "Pick target on map". When I use that option, all I see is the text showing the position. Is there supposed to be a cursor/pointer with the text? Thanks!
  5. I can't get this to work at all. Can some explain the step required to VTOL this thing? I cannot get the engines to rotate....
  6. Hi Morse, I saw Das messing around with nodes the other day so pointed him your way. It is one of the "core" mods everyone should have! The only thing I have trouble with is click-thru. Is that fixable? +/- Orbits would be a big help... Thank you for a great mod!!