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  1. Indeed I did! Removed the --force.. parameter and the issue is gone. I was certain it would be mod-related... Thanks a million!
  2. Can't figure out and didn't find any posts that would explain what could cause all parts icons to look like below but it sure kills the fun of building crafts... Any ideas?
  3. This mod is simply awesome. There are so many lovely fuel tanks that unfortunately store the wrong type of fuel and finally with this mod they become usable. I wonder though if it is possible to edit the title of a fuel tank so that the "Xenon tank" can be renamed to properly reflect that it holds water or oxygen or whatever.
  4. Regarding the MJ issues - I submitted a simple code change to the MJ project on git that makes MJ only enter warp once the rotation is below a certain minimum, ie. once the vessel has settled on the target. It works quite beautifully in my dev build. Of course changing towards the target takes a bit longer now, somewhat dependent on the vessel. Then, once settled, MJ enters warp. If there was a little rotational momentum left and the warp is very long, then MJ might drop out of warp once the deviation is too large and resettle on the target. But this happens fairly rarely on in my game. Let's hope it is included in the next MJ release.
  5. Alright, thanks for the clarification. Unfortunately when I compile the dll it crashes on load so I can't do terribly much However I have noticed that the dry mass in the right click menu of the tanks scales correctly whereas the actual part mass doesn't! So ModuleFuelTanks.cs line 1007 produces a good result of >0 even when the actual part weight is <0. Maybe it's worth looking at the if() starting line 970 which has only one code flow that does not lead to part.mass = mass, ie. line 985. Also there always seems to be a difference between the dry mass in the right click menu and the part mass. Take a Mk1 pod -> total mass of 850kg according to Engineer Report. Add a FL-T100 tank with dry mass of 9.3kg -> total 860kg which is fine. Scale the tank to 2.5m (= 2x) with a dry mass of 74kg (= 9.3*2^3) -> total vessel mass of 1362kg so +502kg instead of +74.
  6. Oooh, that's a bit embarrassing, I totally missed that there's a TS interface in the plugin But that raises the question - is TweakScale_RealFuels.dll supposed to be distributed? Because it's not in the RF release... I can compile the solution but get exceptions upon loading the compiled dlls.
  7. @NathanKell I've not seen this TweakScale-related issue mentioned anywhere other than @ferram4's FAR mod where the error description is that vessels start floating at launch and in some cases the game even crashes. But it seems ferram's mods are involved but not the root cause. Now the floating at launch only occurs when parts are re-sized with TweakScale and it is actually introduced by KerbalJointReinforcement during physics easing. But I've tracked the root cause down to these parts having a negative part mass and a rigid body mass of 0 which only occurs when RF is enabled! The same vessel without RF but with TS/FAR/KJR works fine. I've reduced my ksp install to bare-bones (RF, RF-stockalike, TweakScale, KerbalEngineer) and every tank or engine that is sufficiently down-scaled has a dry mass <0 sooner or later. It's taken a couple of hours to get to this point but now I'm quite stuck. I can't figure out how the RF mod influences TweakScale behaviour and/or dry mass calculations Any ideas where to go from here?
  8. Tried to find the answer in the documentation but I'm not 100% certain... Is it still necessary to load the programs at launch time? I love the mod idea and tried it a while ago but loading it every time at launch got so annoying. Would very much prefer to be able to define which program is run in VAB.
  9. Same here: TweakScale + FAR = floating vessel at start and a crash soon after. Rescale to 100% = no issues log
  10. If you want to have a look at the hotkey for the fine adjust window: https://github.com/linuxgurugamer/EditorExtensionsRedux/compare/master...OliverPA77:hotkeyFAW?expand=1 There's also a binary as draft release to try it out real quick. I put "None" as default for the new hotkey so if a user wanted to assign it they'd have to do it consciously without the mod spamming the keyboard with unwanted shortcuts. It's a good compromise, no? Have a look, if you like it I'd create a PR... The auto opening/closing of the window actually works quite nicely regarding the key-controlled adjustments. You open translate/rotate gizmo and the window opens. You switch to another gizmo and it closes: // automatically show fine adjust window when offset or rotate gizmo are active if ((GizmoEvents.offsetGizmoActive || GizmoEvents.rotateGizmoActive) && cfg.AutoFineAdjustWindow && !_fineAdjustWindow.isEnabled()) { _fineAdjustWindow.Show(); } // automatically hide fine adjust window when offset or rotate gizmo are inactive if (!GizmoEvents.offsetGizmoActive && !GizmoEvents.rotateGizmoActive && cfg.AutoFineAdjustWindow && _fineAdjustWindow.isEnabled()) { _fineAdjustWindow.CloseWindow(); } But currently the fine adjust window also removes the snapping feature when using the mouse and this would need to go to be useful altogether. Btw. any particular reason why the fine adjustments are triggered by GetKey and not GetKeyDown? It happens quite regularly that the part is moved too far...
  11. It's this one: https://github.com/OliverPA77/EditorExtensionsRedux/pull/1/files I created a fork, then a branch and a pull request but apparently the PR is now within my fork and not visible to you? Before this I tried to create the PR in your project site but it didn't let me. Btw. I've also implemented a shortcut to open the fine adjust window (including setting in settings window) and am now going to have another new setting that opens and closes it automatically whenever the translate/rotate gizmos are activated. The shortcut is definitely convenient but I'm not sure yet how the auto-thing is going to be like...
  12. @linuxgurugamer I'm new to the Github stuff so I'm not sure if my pull request worked as expected. Basically I found myself wishing for a possibility to use the H hotkey to horizontally align along the other horizontal axis (z-axis). Only a very minor change was needed to extend EditorExtensionsRedux.cs to use the H hotkey (or whatever the user has set) for x and Shift+H for z axis. I would have preferred to use the mod-key but mod+H is already taken by HyperEdit
  13. Indeed they don't - it was like that before the last update as well. Fortunately it's just a visual issue.