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  1. I did it dude, I never forget the first step... If you want an easier way to help you, you could pass me off your discord.
  2. Are you really sure ?, because there it says set landing zone = JRTI and then you make a print of landing in OCISLY EDIT: I think the following code modified by me is correct ... if TARGET_N = 100 { if vehicle_type = "Crew Dragon 2" { set LandingZone TO VESSEL(OCISLY). LOG "declare global LandingZone TO VESSEL(OCISLY)." to "1:/STAGE1_TARGET_FILE.c". LOG "INIT TARGET: VESSEL(OCISLY)." to LOG.txt. PRINT "LANDING AT: "+OCISLY. } else { set LandingZone TO VESSEL(JRTI). LOG "declare
  3. When I test the crew dragon the first stage landed over JRTI.
  4. Still not working ... EDIT: Works only with the falcon 9 satellite version, anothers does not work.
  5. Ok dude, I tested it. There is a problem, the BOOSTBACK BURN sequence works like it does not, since sometimes the engines are activated and sometimes not. On the other hand, I think that due to the fact that it is a demo, only the code of the first stage works and nothing else, I understand that it should work whether you are using the crew dragon version, as well as starlink.
  6. I am testing now, good job dude, it looks amazing!
  7. Now it works perfect, it must have been an installation error or mine. I am ready to test the KOS code.
  8. Ok, I did not understand very well what I wanted me to try but now the save works but with its errors, I don't know if they are mine or part of the save itself. On the other hand, I would like to know if you use the .bat in the installation of mods, I am wondering because honestly it is too loaded with mods that fail and are not compatible. It would be nice if you consider creating a .bat with the minimal mods needed to make your big project work. Not only that the landing pads are bugged but also the OCISLY droneship that was directly on land and not in the ocean. Cheers!
  9. Hello, when I want to enter the save Interstar within the game I receive an error that it was not possible.
  10. This is for 1.10.1 version, correct? Because, I am going to make a clean installation of KSP and execute .bat with all mods.
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