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  1. Does the planets in the hab zone has the scattered ground objects (trees, crystals, geysers, etc) as in the Kerbol system?
  2. Ksp 1 already became a huge milestone in space sim/rocketry type of games. But if the guys keep their promises...ohooohooo! Then this will be the biggest explosion in the history of the game so far. @SQUAD, when did you start to develop the idea of KSP 2? Is it harder to make then the original?
  3. Thank you @SQUAD, for all your hard work! This DLC looks very promising. You managed to expand the Kerbal universe. It was a risky step, but seems to me you done it wel!
  4. @UomoCapra @SQUAD can I give you an advice? I belive we need a reworked techtree, with at least the basic plane parts from the beginning. It would make sense I belive, because it's not very realistic that you have rockets first, then planes. I use for example Unmanned before manned, and it rearranges the techtree in a way, so planes comes first, so you can check out the nearby biomes with a plane to give your career a small kick in science. So?
  5. @UomoCapra @SQUAD just in case I ask, the robotic parts will be available in different sizes or we will be able to resize them? How should we imagine that? I can't wait!
  6. I'm at 1.7 with Kerbol origins and some other planet mods,. I hope the dlc will not break these, otherwise I'm looking forward for this expansion. This kind of dlc is very a needed-one from my point of view. Thanks @SQUAD and T2.
  7. That avatar is epic. :cool:

  8. I'm really happy with the progress, you have, @SQUAD. Looking forward your great work!! The KSP is the most addictive game, and the best decision I've made when I bought it!
  9. That's really cool, I'll give a try for it. My question is, ok, you have built your base, but how do you put it on different locations?
  10. Geez, guyz! Amazing work! SQUAD should hire you all, for sure! @Darth Badie, check this out!!!
  11. Ay, see. Nope, CLLS doesn't have Hab-time. Something similar you can find by the way in Kerbalism or Kerbal health mods, but those are lacking of life support, as far as I know.
  12. Hab-time? Maybe, but idk. Explain it, and I'll tell you it has, or no.
  13. Just like CLLS (Closed Loop Life Support). It has a container, a smaller and a bigger generator (IRSU re-textured), and only ec needed.