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  1. So I was looking for new launching sites in my career mode, therefore I launched a recon satellite to polar orbit around Kerbin, and while watched as the planet rotates under me, on the Kerbnet I picked up an anomaly signal, not so far from the Northern Pole, on the Ice Shelf. So I built a long-range plane and flew there to find out, what is it could be. What a big surprise!
  2. I bow before you, great wizard! This mod is one of my favourite! I'm really glad for your effort to bring LLL back from the dead.
  3. With this short tutorial I'll show you how to build an automated tracking craft without the KAL controller, which you can use in several ways, to improve your gameplay.
  4. Mods like DangIt and OhScrap gives you the opportunity to work on/repair the parts on your vehicle, since both mods makes the parts fail time to time. I believe with OhScrap you have to test parts (engine, parachute, antenna, etc) to increase their efficiency from 0 to somewhat over 50%, while with DangIt you start with 100% and the parts will slowly degrade so you have to repair them later. Then of course you can still look for various (for example historical) tech tree mods as well.
  5. Well, I found this topic a "bit" too late. Anyway. My proudest moment in KSP is that in 1.9 (before the anchor was implemented in the game) I made the very first hanging base under the münar arch, using just stock parts (no KIS/KAS).
  6. If you really want to give yourself a headache, build a hanging base under one of the Münar arches, without the anchor. I did it in 1.9, here's the proof.
  7. I remember I watched Robbaz for quite a long time, playing KSP. It was really funny, especially the VSP series and THE CUBE! Also at that time I found Scott's channel as well. Then I bought the game at 0.25 I guess. Later in 1.9 I built the very first hanging base under one of the Münar arches. It was before the anchor was implemented (1.12). Love you guys. Thanks for this miracle!
  8. Since building common bases on celestial bodies are boring (no, they aren't) I decided to challenge myself to build the most unique and awkward base type in the game. The Hanging Base, on the Mün. This 5 part playlist will guide you through the process of how was it made, the failures and an expansion. Finally, I take a look at Tylo's Cave... Take a seat and enjoy!
  9. I'm looking for a new Tech tree. I'll give this one a try. Congratulations for the release!
  10. I have a bittersweet taste in my mouth. I'm very glad you, @SQUAD gave us such a brilliant game. Truthfully, KSP was the first (and so far the only one) game which sucked me in into it's universe and I was (and still) amazed. I wish you guys only the best. On A Final Approach. Let the tears flow.
  11. SudAntares

    Random facts

    At least once in your lifetime you take a breath. In Russian language you basically say the same word (with grammatical differences) for hearing and smelling. S.P.A. means Sanatio Per Aquam - Healing with water in latin. SPA is the acronym for Spondylarthritis Ankylopoetica, a chronic autoimmune inflammation of the backbones which leads to a state (usually between 10 - 30 years), where all of your backbones gets fixed and connected with "bone bridges", so you cannot turn even your head arond, there are no movement between the backbones. "Errare humanum est, in errore perseverare srultum est." - proverb in Latin: "It's a human thing to do mistakes, but to not correcting them, is dumbness."
  12. Well it seems I'm out of the deadline, but can you take a look at my work?
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