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    At least once in your lifetime you take a breath. In Russian language you basically say the same word (with grammatical differences) for hearing and smelling. S.P.A. means Sanatio Per Aquam - Healing with water in latin. SPA is the acronym for Spondylarthritis Ankylopoetica, a chronic autoimmune inflammation of the backbones which leads to a state (usually between 10 - 30 years), where all of your backbones gets fixed and connected with "bone bridges", so you cannot turn even your head arond, there are no movement between the backbones. "Errare humanum est, in errore persev
  2. Well it seems I'm out of the deadline, but can you take a look at my work?
  3. Sure, of course, mate! I'd love to see what you made. When I get my hands on it, I'll try it.
  4. Indeed it would be cool, but if they would have gravity, they would collide soon or later. It just doesn't makes any sense. I mean irl comets don't orbit each other, nor the debris of a comet which broke apart by the force of a body's gravity (Shoemaker comet+Jupiter), or by the YORP effect.
  5. I'll do a replica of my latest, fully stock Hang-O-Base!
  6. Can you explain that? Yes, you done it right. I like your "simplistic" design (compared to mine) too. How does it handles the timewarp?
  7. Very impressive design, and I like it, but it was made with KIS/KAS.
  8. Yes, you read it right. The challenge is, to build a fully stock hanging base under one of the Münar Arches. If you think it's hard, yes it it. If you think it's impossible, no it's not. Hanging base (mostly short description): A special kind of artificial structure, which only can be built on the surface of the Mün. The basic idea of a hanging base is, that it attaches itself somehow to one of the three Münar Arches, and hangs down from there. It doesn't really fit in the categories of the surface base or the space station, so it „hangs” between them. However in the Tracking Stat
  9. Hi, @linuxgurugamer, maybe this will help you get somebody to modell the parts, because I'm dumb for it.
  10. Hi guys. You may heard about/loved the Lack Luster Labs mod. @linuxgurugamer and @LeLeon worked on it a lot tto, revive/update it, but still there's a lot to do. Since @Lack left the mod long ago and the models are gone, the two mentioned above has a hard time to update the LLL mod to 1.8+ Is there anybody in the forum, who can modelling parts with blender or other adequate program? I cannot, 'cause I'm dumb for programming/modelling. Every necessary info you can find here:
  11. how hard is to be a part modder? What if I could find one who can do that?
  12. @linuxgurugamer did you try to reach out @Lack? Or does he left the forum completely? I'm still on 1.7.3 I want to install it and see how it works.
  13. I've never tried mods like this, and maybe it will too hard for me, but will probably give a try. Anyway, great work!
  14. Hi guys! This is my latest video, the Signal In a dark night a signal arrived to Kerbin. Where does it came from? Who sent it?
  15. Does the planets in the hab zone has the scattered ground objects (trees, crystals, geysers, etc) as in the Kerbol system?
  16. Ksp 1 already became a huge milestone in space sim/rocketry type of games. But if the guys keep their promises...ohooohooo! Then this will be the biggest explosion in the history of the game so far. @SQUAD, when did you start to develop the idea of KSP 2? Is it harder to make then the original?
  17. Thank you @SQUAD, for all your hard work! This DLC looks very promising. You managed to expand the Kerbal universe. It was a risky step, but seems to me you done it wel!
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