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  1. Quite possibly the issue, I might have to get tweakscale now to resize some wings since I don't particularly want have to snap dozens of structural wing parts together.
  2. I checked it with the reduced fuel load, and keep it at 10° during descent. Looks like pretty standard aeros so I'm not sure what's up...
  3. Do y'all have any tips for reentry stability? I've got the CoL fairly close (and behind) the CoM, but it keeps pushing up the nose and the whole craft goes into a vertical tumble.
  4. Same thing is happening for me, I figure it might be conflicting with another parts pack, but I can't figure out which one.
  5. I'm running ksp 1.9.1 and installed the mod from CKAN but there's no effect, only stock IVAs. Am i missing something?
  6. I never use docking mode myself, I just select the part's docking port to 'control from here' use RCS thrusters, up/down, left/right, forward/back to move it around. In that case like I mentioned earlier though, you really need to have those thrusters balanced around the center of mass and hopefully you have some kind of reaction wheel on the part in question or it can be difficult to control.
  7. I got it to load the planet, but not the moons. But I'm hanging pretty far back version-wise - 1.2.2!
  8. What's the oldest version of KSP it can work in?
  9. What's the specific problem you are having? The main thing with RCS is to make sure the thrusters are balanced around the center of mass to avoid it skewing about.
  10. 1. Yes, total seats inside any combination of modules that hold kerbals (command modules, passenger containers, science lab). It could totally be 5 lander cans attached together. 2. No, you can totally dock on the surface, but docking in a g-field is much trickier than in orbit. Definitely advanced kerbaling at that point. Otherwise, yes, you'd have to assemble in orbit and land the whole thing. 3. Definitely, it's nice to be able to manage the station when it's unpopulated. 4. If you get to the point where rovers and other craft can dock to the base it is definitely not useless
  11. While roving to the south pole of the Mun I placed a flag on a nice flat area with 0.7 slope (useful for marking landing spots). I even named it .7 Slope, Nice view of Kerbin. When I went back later to check on it, it was sitting on area of 3.0 slope! So I sent a lander to investigate and found it was about 150m away from the original patch of 0.7 slope. What's up with that?
  12. good stuff folks, thanks to all who expounded on this technique. In my case it worked and vessels are on their way.
  13. I set up the nodes and it looks like they'll work. the transit time is somewhat longer than I wanted but I just want to get it done and move on to my next missions! I've been sweating this Jool thing for months. We're talking like 10 separate vessels - I know, kind of got out hand. Thanks for the tips!
  14. I've got some ships in a 20km by 20km Mun orbit that I want to send to Jool, but I'm struggling to get the maneuver set up right. I've got the eject angles set up with Transfer Window Planner but ejecting along the Mun's prograde is not giving me any Dv savings at all. Can anyone suggest an effective method? Thanks.
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