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  1. Yeah thanks, but im 100% sure that is not it ;-) litterally 10minutes to point to node direction, that is too much IRL This would be realistic, but here, it even prevents MJ to circularize during ascent as the time it takes to point to node: I'm already back in atmo falling back to ground
  2. Hy guys, I'm sorry: this has certainly been adressed before: I feel MJ translation to a node (or any other order to change ship orientation) is very slow on some crafts. It seems to want to use the least possible Monopropellent fuel or electricity; it only starts turning, then let the ship sloooowly rotate, wich can take several minutes. But in some cases, I want it to use all fuel needed, just to go much faster. How to change this? Is there any option/menu to allow MJ to pivot ships faster? I think this is not version specific, I had this since KSP 1.6 in RSS/RO and have this s
  3. Hy guys, back to KSP after a looong time. Just re-installed KSP 1.9.1, does anyone know if TAC-LS works on 1.9.x even if not released for it?
  4. @jospanner have not tried using realKSC mod, but with "kerbal foundries" wheels, it helps (not 100%, but quite good)
  5. Hi, Am using this on 1.3.1 with RO/RP-0 suite, including Kerbal Construction Time. Would it be possible to change one behavior? Currently, simulations are not allowed if the craft is heavier/taller then what current launchpad level allows. But, especially with KCT, a launchpad takes sometimes years to be update, during this time IMO the simulation process should be allowed, then the craft built in the VAB and then only rolled out when the launchpad is effectively upgraded. LGG, if you agree with this logic, I may try to propose a clear update if you so desire on github.
  6. Hey LGG, in the same vein of this QOL mod feature, would it be possible to add a shortcut key to the VAB/SPH to rotate parts by less then the minimum 5° increments squad allows us? normal mode 15°, with excrements on: 5°. Maybe it could even use the current fine tune value of this mod? Thanks for maintaining this one in any case
  7. Thanks @Starwaster, I fixed it by going back in the vab on my rover, added the BV part on it, 'launched' it on the pad, quicksaved, copied that part on that rover from the savefile, and pasted it in my real save file on my actual rover landed on Mars, loaded that save: perfect! Since, I added @RealGecko MM patch he noted above, works great to add BV behavior on all probes without the need for BV part Thanks to you both
  8. Hi, I've just been told to try this mod, as I have 170km to travel on Mars (RSS/RO). But as I would like to use this BV mod with an existing craft, I wanted to add the BV module to all command pods (currently using the rovemate) thus wanted to do this in my MM patch: @PART[roverBody] { %MODULE[BonVoyageModule] } sadly, after reload this does not work. I do not have the right click options to pick a target. So wanted to edit the save file, adding this in my rover roverBody part: MODULE { name = BonVoyageModule isEnabled = True isActive = False targetLatitude = 0
  9. Very nice! Simple but certainly usefull. I suppose that the same logic should be done with the "Saves"' folder too, not only GameData. Else loading a save with a wrong GameData might corrupt save. So changing "Saves" names too would allow error proofing your tool
  10. @DMagic I plan to do configs for KerbNet for RP-0 (1) on all probe/pod parts supported by RP-0 as you are using it for ScanSat, anything specific I should/should'nt do to not cause bugs with ScanSat?
  11. Thanks to all, You all certainly are correct, I'm trying to optimize something that I don't need to. Thanks. Just have to find how to attack Contract Configurator now in my code, I think it will be easier just to do a new CC branch completely. But that is a different problem. Cheers!
  12. @sarbian Not sure if I can post it here. But as the current MJ dev, I suppose you might have an interest in this. Explanations by one of the SpaceX engineer writing the landing algorithm for Falcon9:
  13. Tanks for your input. I thought that if that event system is usable to communicate between mods, it could probably work too from within the same mod too. Of course, this depends on how KSP devs implemented this event system, if it runs itself during Update calls, it is then not any more usefull in my case than Update (and would not be a real event system IMO). Yes, I do know how the Update functions work, and of course this simple check is very small. I really just thought it be best practice/habit to leave the least possible things in Update as possible. Bad habits often pile up,
  14. Thanks for your help, but any task done every tick/Update while not stricly needed is really a way to kill performence if all modders did that ;-) That's the reason I am asking how to use proper events ;-)
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