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  1. i'm now starting a remake of a certain old mod of mine. ;)

    (shh--i didn't say that out loud)

    1. ILoveStars


      Noice, which one?

    2. electricpants


      a certain bad one that had a red giant ;)

  2. so i used to be pretty adamant that ksp wasn't getting a sequel

    1. Spaceception


      Then SMACK

      I was kinda the same with Stellaris, but after the announcement for KSP2, it makes sense now. And now I'm wondering if Stellaris should get it too in a couple years :D

    2. electricpants


      i wanna say that stellaris probably won't get a sequel

      but look how that turned out with ksp, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ who knows

  3. so i saw you 2016 topic of adding an ocean to duna, and i thought it could help me in my endeavors since i need to raise kerbin's sea level, and i think it would be related. could you tell me how you did it, if you can?

    1. KerikBalm


      Do you have kopernicus?

      What you want to do is add a vertex height offset to lower the terrain (the ocean will always be 0 elevation). This will make the planet slightly smaller, so if you want, you can increase the radius by the same amount you lower the terrain, but this will change the mass of the planet a bit unless you slightly lower surface gravity (since in KSP, surface gravity decreases at higher elevations).

      For example: If you apply a vertex offset of 2km (lower terrain 2k), then increase kerbin's radius by 2km (which raises the ocean 2km), to have kerbin have the same mass, you need to set the surface gravity to be what it was on unmodified Kerbin at 2km high.

      For my part, I wasn't worried by Duna's effective radius going from 320km to 319.25km.

      Here's the file for Duna:

                  oxygen = True
                  atmosphereMolarMass = 0.03981
                      key = -0.5 101.25 0 -188
                      key = 0 6.755 -188 -0.0007
                      key = 12000 1.276 -0.000223 -0.000223
                      key = 20000 0.241 -4.22E-05 -4.22E-05
                      key = 35000 0.015 -2.787075E-06 -2.787075E-06
                      key = 50000 0 0 0
                      key = 0 281 0 -0.0004261126
                      key = 1000 272.8 -0.000573325 -0.000573325
                      key = 25000 153.7 -0.001877083 -0.001877083
                      key = 30000 150 0 0
                      key = 45000 150 0 0
                      key = 50000 160 0.003746914 0
              }// close atmosphere
                          texture = MIP/Rald/PluginData/Duna_Color.png
                          normals = MIP/Rald/PluginData/Duna_Normal.png
                  } // close scaledversion
                  @referenceBody = Rald // Kerbin 
                          inclination = 2.118
                          eccentricity = 0.01515
                      semiMajorAxis = 5740081.551931  // was 5740082.680519
                          longitudeOfAscendingNode = 180
                          argumentOfPeriapsis = 0
                          meanAnomalyAtEpoch = 3.14000010490417
                          epoch = 0
              } // close orbit
                  tidallyLocked = True
                  sphereOfInfluence = 2151572
                  geeASL = 0.376 // default is 0.3
              }//close properties
                              offset = -750
                              order = 9999999
                              enabled = True

                      VertexHeightMap {} // this is the original one, we don't want to change that
                                  map = MIP/Rald/PluginData/DunaHeightAdjust.png
                                  offset = 0
                                  deformity = -2700
                                  order = 999999999
                          blend = 0.0
                          map = MIP/Rald/PluginData/Duna_Color_Close.png
                          blend = 1
                          order = 9999993
                          enabled = True
                          name = _LandClass
                          index = 0
                                         map = MIP/Rald/PluginData/Duna_Color_Close.png
                                    order = 500
                                         enabled = True
                  }//close mods
              }//close PQS
                  maxQuadLengthsPerFrame = 0.03
                  minLevel = 2
                  maxLevel = 16
                  minDetailDistance = 16
              }//close Ocean
          }//close Body
      }// Close Kopernicus

    2. electricpants


      yeah, i do have kopernicus :p how else could i be testing the mod

      thanks though, i'll try it out to see if that works!

  4. Oh great, another 'How does I do this thing?' moment...


    Has anyone figured out the grand mystery of changing ocean height?

    I made Kerbin like, super big so it would match up to GJ 581c

    but now the oceans are way too low:


    Uuuuuuuuugh I hate asking these kinds of questions but I need to know :'(

  5. 569 rep my guys

    why am i so immature...

  6. um yeah i was gone for like three months

    i wasn't busy

    i literally just forgot to be here for three entire months .

    1. Spaceception


      Can relate. I've forgotten to update some sites for months xD

  7. For some reason I'm terrified of going underwater in google earth/maps

  8. Holy excrements I'm posting here again

  9. Yay!

    500 rep!

    (not exactly, I fell asleep, so I missed 500, but oh well. :P)

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    2. electricpants


      I don't think you can truly say gg until I get 1000 rep. (Which'll probably take another year, lol)

    3. cratercracker


      More rep-More "fame"-More likes per post

      Why do you think every Vanamode's or any other popular dude getting a ton of likes even if it literally says nothing?

      Its going to be quick, and unrelevant.

      Likes don't matter.

    4. electricpants
  10. You know when you watch one of those "How __ is/are made *THE DISGUSTING TRUTH*" videos and you think "I want __"?

  11. Seriously though, you should probably fix those rivers for 1f and 1g, they look like they were made in MS Paint!

    Just a little thing that kind of ruins the good looks of those planets IMO.

  12. Sorry about being gone for so long, damned laptop broke again, and I totally forgot I could access this forum on my tablet. :P

  13. England: Has anyone seen America?

    Canada: Hold on, I got this

    Canada: *clears throat*

    Canada: Bill Nye the science guy




    The sad thing is that it's true.

    I'm from America and i'm listening to 10 hrs of BILL BILL BILL BILL BILL and I actually enjoy it.

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    2. ModerndayLink


      You're right it does start getting addicting after the first 5 minutes.:D

    3. electricpants


      It's addicting from the start for Americans XD

    4. ModerndayLink


      Maybe it is delayed for me because I am part Colombian...:P

  14. 5/13/2017 - 1 year anniversery of somebody finding an electric pair of pants.


    1. Galacticvoyager


      Those were built decades ago, wrong anniversary :P

      JK happy anniversary!


    2. electricpants


      Why thank you, sir!

  15. 400 rep!

    Thanks to @max_creative for getting me up 1 point to 400! :D

  16. 11:58 PM, 4/28/2017:

    360 NOSCOPE!

    (I have 360 rep!)

  17. Look at Spaceception's follower list.

    2 other people have the same avatar as you XD

  18. @ProtoJeb21, is there anything wrong with this config?



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    2. ProtoJeb21


      When you have Kittopia installed, you can open it up in-game by pressing ctrl+p. There's a section called "Scaled Space Updater." In there you will find "Update Scaledversion." Click on that to load your heightmap onto the planet.

    3. electricpants


      It worked! (I think, Phoenix's light is so dim I'm having a hard time trying to tell)

      I know how to use Kittopia, btw. :wink:

    4. electricpants


      Can you find anything I did wrong in the cfg? (I don't want to post this to the Kopernicus thread just yet, because the planet shows up as Laythe, so it's highly likely it's a mistake on my part)

      Config of Rekiesse: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5KO_W-swenrNDdsS243cXRaUzg

  19. Hey TWG, how do you calculate pressureCurve for an atmosphere?

    1. The White Guardian

      The White Guardian

      Depends. You can take Kerbin's curve and scale it down, or do things the hard way.

      I make an atmosphere nowadays by first coming up with a composition, and then calculating the atmosphere properties: density, molar mass, temperature (using the distance from Kerbol and the guesstimated albedo) and surface pressure. I then create a temperature curve by hand before converting it to polynomials, and then enter all that data into a spreadsheet to create a basic atmosphere model and see what would be a good altitude terminator. Then I just pick a few altitudes and log the pressure data as pressure decreases exponentially with altitude.

      This method may sound awfully confusing and overcomplicated but after @OhioBob walked me through it I understand it all and will soon make a video explaining the whole process, which is actually rather straightforward once you know what to do.


    See if that works.

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    2. electricpants


      Ugh, I don't know how to work DMP.

      Could you set up the server?

    3. Galacticvoyager
    4. electricpants



      I guess I'll try again later.

  21. @ProtoJeb21 and @Spaceception, wanna do a multiplayer/collab thing (With DMP or some other mod like that)?

    If yes, please don't use scatterer because I have a sh*t PC.

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    2. Galacticvoyager
    3. Spaceception


      I don't have a laptop for KSP right now, so maybe at some other time :P

    4. Galacticvoyager
  22. Whatever happened to KDS?

    1. ProtoJeb21



      Well, I have a semi-completed version 0.4 on my computer. I'll (hopefully) get back to it after finishing Trappist-1. I'm kinda in a race, if you would call it, against some other guys who are also making their own Trappist-1 recreations.

    2. electricpants


      Well I'll have to download yours! (Because I can trust it to be good) :D

  23. Is there something I liked that I might want you to revisit?




    (PLZ Hagito!)