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  1. On 10/9/2019 at 12:47 PM, mcwaffles2003 said:

    What I'm curious about is the manner in which mods will be incorporated. Do you guys think we'll all still be using CKAN or manually placing/editing files to attach mods or will the process become more streamlined and user friendly. I know lots of people out there have multiple installs each with different sets of mods, just hoping there will be a way to set up modpacks and rotate them around without needing fresh installs and all the other hassle

    i'm just really hoping it's gonna be possible to manually install mods. i've played ksp since 0.9 and i've never once even downloaded ckan--i don't even know what ckan looks like when using it.

  2. 9 minutes ago, AndrewDraws said:

    Lomina has always been like that. Lomina is basically if Neptune was the size of Jupiter. Because Ice Giants are more dense, it means Lomina has a much greater mass than Jool despite having only a marginally larger radius.

    wow, i've used extrasolar since javine was a water world and i guess i never noticed lomina was that big ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  3. So, I've recently decided that since the old Antares Solar System really, really, reeeally sucks, and I've gained some experience in modding and want to revisit the mod, it'd be a pretty good idea to completely remake it from the ground up rather than reviving it. It's really just that bad. (Plus the acronym Antares Solar System spells out is ASS, so...)

         Now, I hear you asking: "Well, what's this mod going to be like?"

    What A:R is going to be is an accurate representation of what red giants and their surrounding, aged solar systems could be like. This means that not only will everything be really hot and really bright, but there will be planets veeery close to the surface of the star (Those close-in planets aren't destroyed because red giants are really super mega hyper uber omega undense. Like, we're talking way less dense than literally the Earth's atmosphere, especially near the outer edge of the star). This also means that Antares will finally have a realistic-looking color!

    That also means there will be no habitable planets or moons in this solar system. Also, Antares in this mod won't be representing the actual star in this mod, unlike last time (This mod's Antares is only a little more massive than the stock Sun, ~1 scaled AU in radius, no companion star(s) unless they're wanted, etc). So it'll be a pretty difficult-to-survive destination for the most part.

    Also, Antares is far away. Like, reeeally far away far away. Like, literally 0.0214 IRL light-years away from the stock system far away, so I'd definitely recommend that you use some kind of part mod(s) to get there.

         I also hear you asking: "Well, how does this improve on the old ASS in any way?"

    Well, for one, the textures aren't made in literally MS Paint and/or ripped from Google Images this time around. And for two, I'll actually be asking around a little for help with this thing instead of going alone and making a pile of crap. And three, I've learned how to make normal maps that actually work right with KSP so that the starlight hits the planet/moon right.

    There will also be more things to explore in Antares: Remade, with the current planet total being 5 and an escaped moon (so like, 5 1/2 planets, I guess). That means there's more of a reason to actually visit this solar system!

    I've also rescaled the stock system--all planets, as well as the stock Sun (aside from Kerbin, Eve, and Laythe because I don't know how to change the ocean height right now ;.;) are 1/10 size and 1/100 mass, and the planetary (and moonary(?)) distances are all 1/10 scale too, rather than 1/11.

         I can also also hear you asking: "Well, how far along are you in making this? When's the release date?"

    Currently I have the two outer gas giant planets, Akete and Anterrie, in a somewhat finished state. I'm currently working on the many moons of these two planets before moving on to the three inner, rocky planets and their moons. Currently in a bit of a roadblock with one of Anterrie's moons, but hopefully I'll figure it out without needing help.

    I've found a workaround for the pictures. Pictures are of Antares and Akete, a gas giant significantly smaller and less massive than Jool:


    (Note: the weird lighting on Akete is because of the stock Sun lighting it up. Planning on getting help to fix that so it looks less terrible)

    I don't have a specific release date in mind, but hopefully I can put out a first version sometime before KSP2 drops.

         Finally, I can hear you asking: "How can you hear all these things I'm asking? Are you in my house or something?"


  4. after reading the OP, i have this to say:


    overall i'd say that, yes, some improvements should be made to the stock game, but a whole new ksp sequel seems pretty unnecessary in my eyes.


    also, some advice to the OP:

    use mods. just... use mods. FAR, scatterer, EVE, and OPM all seem good for what you want.


    just throwing my two cents in, i guess.

  5. 10 hours ago, HansonKerman said:

    Cool! I'm happy that you're not neglecting Val's star, looking forward to this moon/asteroid/terraformed derelict ship (maybe in like 1.13 or something to that last)!!

    BTW I'm just saying, there's a bug with Val's star, it shines on planets in the Kerbol system (btw could you change The Sun's displayName to Kerbol if that's possible? I'd like that), but atmosphere planets (Kerbin, Duna etc.) think it's night, so the sky disappears even though Val's star is illuminating them.

    it's not a bug lol, it's just that the two stars are both bright and pretty close to each other, so i thought it'd make sense to just have them both illuminate each other's planets. the atmosphere not appearing when the other star illuminates it isn't something i can fix myself afaik.

    and i don't really think i'll change the name of the sun, since i like calling the stock sun that. if you want, though, you can just edit the .cfg file for the sun using notepad or something similar and add in the 'displayName' option under Properties, and set it equal to Kerbol with ^N at the end (so 'displayName = Kerbol^N' is what it should look like, without the quotes, of course).

  6. 22 hours ago, HansonKerman said:

    @electricpants BTW I really like this mod, but could you put some more planets around Val's star to balance it out? Maybe some new ones?

    well again, i'm not super amazing at kopernicus yet, so new planets might not come for a few updates unfortunately. :/ 

    no worries, however, that is the plan for the future ;). in fact, the next update will add a new body in orbit around Valentina's Star that you might hopefully enjoy, it just won't be a full-on planet.

  7. I wouldn't really call this a full graphic novel because it's pretty short, and it's my first one so it's probably not the best, but I still hope you all enjoy it! :)

    This will be the first part of a series taking place in the "Beyond Home" version of the Kerbol system. I was inspired to make this part specifically because of Tribute's in-game description, which is really great. Well, all the descriptions are great, really, as well as--actually, you know what, just play the darn mod, it's amazing. :P 

    Here it is:














    Sorry about that typo on page 4, btw. I'll try to make as little of them as possible (Yes, English is my native language--I just suck at writing/typing it sometimes lol).

    Finally, some criticism would be nice--I want to know how I can make the future parts better, after all!

    (Credit to @Gameslinx for the amazing mod "Beyond Home"!)

  8. 1 hour ago, KerbalRocket said:

    -snip- No Mans Sky

    wasn't nms like, a complete and total disaster when it launched? probably not a good idea to compare ksp to that.

    anyways, as has been said above, just use mods. it's already highly unlikely new planets will be made stock, let alone a solar system or even 9 of them.