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  1. I wouldn't really call this a full graphic novel because it's pretty short, and it's my first one so it's probably not the best, but I still hope you all enjoy it! This will be the first part of a series taking place in the "Beyond Home" version of the Kerbol system. I was inspired to make this part specifically because of Tribute's in-game description, which is really great. Well, all the descriptions are great, really, as well as--actually, you know what, just play the darn mod, it's amazing. Here it is: Sorry about that typo on page 4, btw. I'll try to make as little of them as possible (Yes, English is my native language--I just suck at writing/typing it sometimes lol). Finally, some criticism would be nice--I want to know how I can make the future parts better, after all! (Credit to @Gameslinx for the amazing mod "Beyond Home"!)
  2. wasn't nms like, a complete and total disaster when it launched? probably not a good idea to compare ksp to that. anyways, as has been said above, just use mods. it's already highly unlikely new planets will be made stock, let alone a solar system or even 9 of them.
  3. holy cow, no way! this is almost like what happened with laythe... to quote the kerbal astronomical society: "When Laythe was first discovered, it was not entered in the records because the scientist in charge thought he was looking at Kerbin. Luckily this error was corrected when a plucky intern informed him that 'telescopes don’t work that way'."
  4. just over 1100 hours, actually (most of that is mod testing/farting around though, honestly. i've only really just started getting into playing ksp seriously).
  5. i originally bought this game around version 0.90--i only really know that though because i remember using the monopropellant engine glitch multiple times (i have a terrible memory, so i don't know exactly when i bought ksp)
  6. (couldn't find actual loading screen, but close enough) f9
  7. well guess what? i got a plane buster, boiiii
  8. oh, well in that case just make sure that when you're editing something the planet/moon/star/whatever already has, put the @ symbol in front of it with no spaces. besides that, it's really like making any other planet in kopernicus, really. just simpler since you don't have to do as much.
  9. some ubuntu laptop (18.04.2). it's alright--it can load a few planet packs at once. i'm just a bit worried it might not run this mod is all.
  10. yeah, it looks really good, not sure if my laptop can run it though i can only hope right now
  11. i can help with some of the .cfg files if you want since it shouldn't be super hard
  12. i think you might like version 1.1 better when i finally finish getting rid of some bugs and release it
  13. version 1.1 coming soon, hopefully. just have to iron out some bugs with a certain new star
  14. banned for saying 'no' instead of 'not'
  15. banned for doing something other than grating my cheese
  16. yeah, go ahead, though since you didn't create the thread you'll probably have to make a new one
  17. entirely revamped the mod and original post, and again, the download link will come asap. hope everyone likes the new look, especially since you can actually tell what everything looks like and where everything is.
  18. decided to listen to the full pretty hate machine album a few days ago, and found this gem that's been stuck in my head for a while: (not gonna act like the rest of the songs in phm are bad though--head like a hole and terrible lie are also good ones)
  19. i mean, i mean i may be a moderator for this project, but i don't own it i mean i will say that if @Galacticvoyager isn't active anymore
  20. pretty sure stock kerbin has an ocean -- since i'm just editing it i shouldn't need to add one.
  21. if you can make anything out of it, sure thing: :p (for some reason while transferring it to my windows pc it converted to .docx but whatever)
  22. slight problem with this mod -- i can't access slippist or hotel in the tracking station. i'm double clicking on them and trying to tab to them, but for some reason the game just won't switch to them. not sure if this happens in the inflight map mode yet, but it's still a problem (i assume at least).