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  1. We were talking about Ceres being a protoplanet, and Dres, Dres just isn't a protoplanet.
  2. Also, Ceres is a left over protoplanet, which is friggin' awesome This is an edit I made to that post.
  3. Well at least Ceres has a giant ocean underneath it's surface. Also, Ceres is a left over protoplanet, which is friggin' awesome
  4. It's literally just a boring rock with nothing to offer (except looking like a moldy space turd) in between Duna and Jool, which are MUCH better destinations, because they have moons that make sense, unlike the 'Dres Plus Mod' which adds a habitable moon around Dres, even though it's position would mean all and any water would be frozen, not in a liquid form. Also, a moon that looks like it orbits a moon? The chance of that configuration happening is extremely low, so, out of ALL the planets in the Kerbol system, Dres is the one with that configuration? It's tiny moon is bland and grey in color, so it's not very interesting.
  5. I've been to Moho AND Eeloo, and gave them plenty of love. Boo for Dres though, it's booooring. I agree with Felsmak. #DresDoesn'tExist
  6. The Mun has one or two, and Eeloo has a bunch of em'.
  7. There's a little thing called "Ceres" that seems to fit that description. But at least Ceres has colors other than grey.
  8. Don't be sorry! Dres deserves that, for being so bland and grey and super boring. #DresIsALie
  9. Felsmak is awesome. His best video is that one explaining how Dres is just so bland and boring. Also, that was a good pun. #DresIsALie
  10. "Dres" is actually a very boring place made by your mom.
  11. I don't know how, though. If I did, the system would go like this: CHEYHA: Cheyha is a small Brown Dwarf, It is dark with some red bands of light. Spooky. KARBO: Karbo is a large Super-Laythe with only a few groups of small green islands. Could the green be life? VENUSS: Venuss is a small ice planet. Kerbal astronomers occasionally get blinded by the reflected light. It's albedo is 0.99. ICEE: This planet is a rather large ice giant, it has 2 moons, one is a major moon and the other is an asteroid. POUND: Pound is a tiny asteroid moon orbiting in between two rings around Icee. It's grey-ish, you could say. CTHONIA: Cthonia is a moon with an extremely thick, golden atmosphere (50 atmos) that warms it sufficiently for it to have life. Interesting. I don't know how to do atmosphere, textures or anything like that. If you want to collab, that's fine. If you don't, that's also fine.
  12. It would be a "Oh wow that's a big red space light" Brown Dwarfs would be a "Wow that's a freakin' tiny magenta space light" Brown Dwarfs are magenta.
  13. *Sigh* This is the third person that thinks I don't know what a brown dwarf is. I know all of what you just told me. I'm asking what a planet-like body orbiting one would be considered as, because brown dwarfs aren't planets, nor are they stars. I know their mass range (13 MJ - 80 MJ) And I know how hot one can be (L Dwarfs can be in excess of 2,000 K And Y Dwarfs can be about 125 K. T Dwarfs are somewhere around 1,000 K).
  14. No, not that. I agree with you, i'm just asking if they're a planet, a dwarf planet, or a moon. Not asking for another planet classification.
  15. I know what they are (they are actually my favorite type of star-like object), I'm just wondering what planet-like bodies around them would be classified as. (I'll go to bed now. Don't reply until tomorrow.)
  16. Now before you ask, I know this isn't the right place to discuss this, but I just wanted to know, are brown dwarf planets planets? Because for a planet to be a planet it needs to orbit a star, if it orbits a planet, it's a moon. But brown dwarfs aren't planets, nor are they true stars. So would a planet around a brown dwarf be a planet, a dwarf planet , or a moon? (Let's say the hypothetical "planet" meets all other conditions for being a planet.) Also I know what a Brown Dwarf is. Don't tell me that stuff because I already know it. On some Brown Dwarfs it rains iron.
  17. How do I make a mod for Kopernicus? I tried twice a year ago, but they never worked. Right now I kinda want to make a Brown Dwarf system with 1 planet since I have absolutely no idea. I'll stop talking now. (Also all SpaceEngine textures are broken, so without those. The planet is also going to be a Super-Laythe, with an atmospheric pressure of 0.8 atmos and 890 km in radius.)