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  1. wasn't expecting a reply that fast :p thanks, it worked. now i'm not gonna become 90 years old waiting for this burn to finish
  2. so i'm only really making a return because i have an ion-powered craft with burn times ~1 hour, but i can't enable physics warp for some reason. everyone says to do alt + . but it doesn't work for me for some reason. maybe because i'm on linux? i really don't know. (sorry if this is in the wrong place, only ~85% sure it should go here but i'm kinda desperate so :/)
  3. Banned for not understanding what you just said
  4. floor 4991: you see a person desperately trying to code a good kopernicus mod for ksp and yet failing and constantly asking questions online to people who are way better and probably think that what he's asking sounds kinda dumb, and you go up to the next floor.
  5. yeah i know i keep doing that anyways it's not really a complete makeover - the planets look the same still. basically i just changed the sizes of some of the planets and moons and moved them around, i guess i'll edit the op to explain further, though i'll have to go by memory for now since i'm not sure if the laptop i'm on right now can run ksp
  6. Yay! This mod has been resurrected! By the way, are you going to update the looks of the planets to match the new artist's renditions?:
  7. I looked at the Imgur album and Javine seems to look a bit like Titan? Or is it something else and I'm just dumb?
  8. Eh, no worries. Physically? Nah, Javine's hella old. Metaphorically? Yeah, Javine is way different from how it used to be nowadays.
  9. Oh crap, you're right, it is orbiting Jool! (Yeah it's supposed to orbit the Sun) Ugh I've been having like a million problems with referenceBody. Thanks though! Here's the config, not in Drive:
  10. So... I'll just let this explain itself: ...Yeah I think I've got a bigger pROBLEM THAN I ANTICIPATED?!... Somehow??? Here's the config I have for Laythe: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qppPu8ZElp4hPOPVi77gA7Owa43dRkjT/view Can someone tell me how to fix this?
  11. I kind of need a Kopernicus person Kopernicusnaut? Koperneer? ... Although I did write this as a status already I thought it would be better to post it here too? Anyways, as anyone figured out the grand mystery of changing ocean height? I made Kerbin like, super big so it's stats would match up to GJ 581c's but now the oceans are way too low: https://imgur.com/a/k2bPsJl
  12. Oh great, another 'How does I do this thing?' moment...


    Has anyone figured out the grand mystery of changing ocean height?

    I made Kerbin like, super big so it would match up to GJ 581c

    but now the oceans are way too low:


    Uuuuuuuuugh I hate asking these kinds of questions but I need to know :'(

  13. I'm working on a mod that rearranges the Kerbol system into a relatively accurate recreation of the four-planet model (e, b, c, and d) of Gliese 581. First is Moho, then Jool, then Kerbin, then Laythe (with rings :O) (Yeah the images are a bit choppy but eh) It's definitely still a huge WIP.
  14. So I'm currently making a system rearrangement thing that doesn't use all of the stock planets, so I wanted to remove the ones I'm not using from the game. I've tried twice with no success, so I was just wondering how to do it in 1.4.3 if it's even possible.
  15. well yeah... and tbh i do like protojeb's names for them.
  16. 569 rep my guys

    why am i so immature...

  17. no, i don't think so at least, it's just that in way older updates valentine was way further out than it is now.
  18. um yeah i was gone for like three months

    i wasn't busy

    i literally just forgot to be here for three entire months .

    1. Spaceception


      Can relate. I've forgotten to update some sites for months xD