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  1. Back to the discussion! 10/10 transition I prefer not to drink anything while playing. Also am I the only one on earth that hates the taste of coffee?
  2. @ProtoJeb21 Well Ucella still has a subsurface ocean, so there's still a chance for aquatic life maybe!
  3. (Yeah that's really the main place I post things in tbh) 1/10 Also never really heard of you.
  4. 1/10 Haven't actually seen you here yet, somehow.
  5. Maybe you could add in the red dwarf system of OGLE-2005-BLG-390L around the second galaxy (was it Kandromeda?) since it's so far away in real life?
  6. I actually play Stellaris kind of frequently, and do enjoy the game quite a bit (With a couple of mods of course!).
  7. The only system rearrangement that makes you think "Eh, this is pretty ok I guess"! (pics for clicks!): imgur album NOTE: all pictures right now were taken in v. 1.0, not in v.1.1. Reviving this mod, now the only mod that thought the Mun was so uninteresting that it put a ring around it--and a moon, too! This system rearrangement keeps all planets and moons from the stock game, but completely revamps it to create an entirely different, yet almost stock-ish game experience! Do note that all solar system bodies, while their sizes, masses, gravities, having or not having rings, and orbital positions may change, they still look exactly the same as in the stock game. I'm not that good at Kopernicus, y'know. ...Anyways, with the help of that Imgur album at the top of this page I'd like to take you on a little tour of the new solar system: NOTE: Due to the distance between Valentina's Star and the Sun there may initially be some floating-point (?) glitches on the planets/moons orbiting it. I'd recommend to complete at least one orbit around the planet/moon you'll be landing on. You can download the mod from here: https://spacedock.info/mod/1616/electricpants's "Eh" System Rearragements Changelog:
  8. Ok, so this really bothers me. So I was snooping through the files to see if there was anything wrong with them (I couldn't get the mod to load up, but I now know that it's probably because I have a crappy school laptop), and I noticed Solitude's radius was at a value of 800,000. 800,000!!!!!!!!!!! That's way bigger than stock Duna! Even if you're trying to have it so that it takes the same amount of Delta-V to orbit as Kerbin that's way too big! A lot of things can happen in ~4 billion years, but I highly doubt Mars will more than double in radius in that time. Don't quote me on this though, because I'm not exactly sure if I was mistaken or not.
  9. Dude, stars with 1 planet are fine. I mean, there are several examples in real life; Almost all hot jupiter systems seem to be single planet systems, Proxima Centauri only has 1, LHS 1140 only has 1, PSR/WD B1620-26 only has 1, Epsilon Eridani likely only has 1, etc.
  10. For some reason I'm terrified of going underwater in google earth/maps

  11. *running translations* Mmm... Yes, of course... I do see it now... You are holding your breath breathe! But of course, the real question here is... Did you spell it wrong on purpose?
  12. Ok, I have something big in planning right now! A quadruple star system in a ficticious galaxy I created, which will almost definitely have a lot of planets!
  13. Have you considered the fact that maybe if you have an extensive modlist, then maybe this mod might be incompatible with one or more of your other mods? And that if you don't that maybe you installed it incorrectly? Don't just jump to conclusions with Kopernicus mods, or even mods in general.
  14. Well the mass is more spread out, so what I said still applies. And if you're going with your logic then why is only Solitude locked?
  15. Banned for assuming I build Dyson Spheres; Again, they're against galactic regulations.
  16. Banned for saying I built a Dyson Sphere even though I didn't; It's against galactic regulations, duh
  17. Aridos-cyclitis Also, none of the planets should be tidally locked to Archangel, as it still has the same mass, its just bigger, so it doesn't pull on the planets any harder than it used to.
  18. Banned for believing New Mexico is part of the US, we don't know what that place is
  19. Alrighty! I have three new solar systems for this thread! They are: The tiny L-dwarf Diustasci (Bodies' names are randomly generated) The G0-type star Kane (Bodies in system named after Hawaiian deities) The F-type star Sunna (Bodies in system named after Germanic deities)