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  1. Alrighty! I have three new solar systems for this thread! They are: The tiny L-dwarf Diustasci (Bodies' names are randomly generated) The G0-type star Kane (Bodies in system named after Hawaiian deities) The F-type star Sunna (Bodies in system named after Germanic deities)
  2. *Gravity And also, yes there is gravity in space, because if there wasn't, then what's stopping the earth from flying away from the sun and the moon flying away from earth? The reason you don't feel it is because technically you're always in free-fall in space, and since you don't feel gravity in free-fall, you don't feel gravity in space.
  3. Banned for making me go "Wait this guy made a post about being confused earlier?"
  4. Ok, hang on. That's a huge misconception based on most moons and Mars having thin or no atmospheres. Mars could easily have an Earth-like atmosphere if it had a magnetic field to block the solar wind from depleting it, same with Mercury, as they both have around the same gravity. They both easily have enough gravity to hold onto an atmosphere thick enough to support surface water, it's just that they don't actually have substantial magnetic fields themselves. In fact, Mars's atmosphere is only slightly under the lower limit (In terms of atmospheric pressure) where water could exist, so that's actually pretty substantial for our solar system. However, I do think gravity has at least some factor, as it is highly unrealistic to have an asteroid have an atmosphere, mainly because if the gravity is too low to hold on to the constantly vibrating molecules that make up atmospheres then they won't have one, but Mars, the moon, and Mercury all have enough gravity (I'm only pretty sure for the moon though, because it's gravity is only 1/16 of Earth's)
  5. Well I'm at least pretty sure that there are at least a few other requirements, one of them being height (I don't know the lower limit but the upper limit on height it 6'3" if I remember correctly)
  6. I really want to go to some other star system, but I highly doubt that: Humans will travel even to the nearest star system in my lifetime I'll have the 'super special magical unicorn anime' abilities to be picked for an interstellar mission I'll be short enough to even get to go into space on a NASA rocket by the time i'm an adult
  7. Baned fore careing aboot speling mistkaes
  8. (MPIO) = Main Planet Idea Only; I only have an idea for system's main planet (SLP) = System Layout in Planning; Currently planning system layout (WIP) = Work in Progress; Working on making system, note that System Layout may change in this stage (AD) = Almost done; Nearly finished with system (FNW) = Finished but Not Written; System is finished, but I'm currently too lazy to write it (FW) = Finished and Written; System is finished and I got off my @$$ and wrote it here -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So I recently decided to make an entire solar system for a li'l pink world I made art for, and I ended up making it a rogue star with a couple planets and moons. And then my mind decided "Hey, it might be useful for you to organize and share your stuff!", which is the most useful thing my brain has said in about a million years. I won't share the system I made for the pink planet, that'll be in a story I write that takes place in the system, but here are some other systems I'm making or are done with: Y-TYPES: T-TYPES: L-TYPES: M-TYPES: K-TYPES: G-TYPES: F-TYPES: A-TYPES: B-TYPES: My eventual goal is to put at least some of these systems in a KSP mod I'm planning that puts the Kerbol system in a globular cluster near the galaxy of Hoag's Object, a peculiar ring galaxy. And yes, almost all these systems will come pre-packaged with some sort of alien civilization(s), though B-types will only have colonies and I won't make O-types as they don't live long enough to have planets. Also, please note that I'm not taking suggestions for systems, though I'm open for suggestions for creative alien civilization(s)!
  9. Ok, this is definitely a bit late, but I think I'm gonna have to hold off the 'update' I mentioned because my computer ended up breaking, and so now the only thing I have is a crappy Ubuntu school laptop. Luckily, I do actually have some ideas for this mod, such as: Making Jool darker and more magenta-ey, so it looks more like a real T-dwarf Having the planets orbit at a more realistic distance Giving Jool an 'asteroid belt' (a ring) and putting Bop and Pol in as dwarf planets or large asteroids Making Jool it's own system off in interstellar space, maybe ~2-3 kerbal light years away (0.2-0.3 RL light years) Giving Jool a more realistic temperature, and maybe a better temperature curve Increasing the masses and sizes of Jool's planets Tylo, Laythe, and Vall (If I manage to figure out how) Give Tylo and Laythe backside ice caps like they probably should Put in a Neptune-like ice giant where Jool used to orbit So yeah, this update thing is going to be on hold until I can get a new laptop.
  10. squareroot [Luminosity / (4 * pi * Stefan-Boltzmann Constant * (Temperature^4))]
  11. Maybe the galaxy @cubinator and @Adstriduum make could be the home galaxy of my pink-oceaned planet?
  12. I have arisen again from the depths of hell with this new pic! https://www.dropbox.com/s/i1rm79my1evhbp7/Pink World.png?dl=0 (I can't do it with Imgur since I'm using a school laptop and for some reason Imgur is blocked so :/) This planet (has no name) is very similar to earth. It has water, land, polar ice caps, life, all that good stuff. But unlike earth, this planet's oceans are pink due to copious amounts of toxic bacteria that no life elsewhere can eat or drink, so the toxic pink bacteria are the only life in the oceans. EDIT: Oh wow, people seem to actually like this drawing.
  13. Holy excrements I'm posting here again

  14. @cratercracker I'm FINALLY done with the Vain system (Almost). I messed up on a few planets, but didn't have enough effort to remake them. Vain, an F6V with 8 planets and a binary companion with it's own system (Coming next) Omegus, the most massive planet, is a hot superjupiter, weighing in at ~2 MJ, and orbits about once every 1.3 days. Valerie, a Venus-like superearth weighing in at about 1.65 Earth Masses. Lipdus, a giant Sahara desert weighing in at about 7.5 Earth Masses, hosts an intelligent civilisation. Volria, a bigger Mars weighing in at about 0.55 Earth Masses, design based on Duna. Cancer, a less massive Jupiter, weighing in at about 254 Earth Masses. Selzar, a weird blue saturn weighing in at about 89.6 Earth Masses. Seradoss, smaller Neptune, weighs in at about 14.15 Earth Masses. Derrel, big, cold icy world, weighs in at about 6.4 Earth Masses.
  15. I like IHE now. Yes, that's the only interesting thing that happened today.
  16. Hmmm... Oh! "The earth is round" (Pretty generic, but oh well, I'm basically half-asleep anyways )
  17. "This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one" Anyways, once I get back to Pennsylvania sometime in August, I might do an update for this mod, since I guess it's a pretty interesting concept.
  18. Because my dad lives in Pennsylvania, and my mom lives in New Mexico. I visit my mom every summer, and guess what time of year it is (in America).
  19. Well I can't play KSP right now, since my computer that runs it is in Pennsylvania, and I'm in New Mexico.