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  1. Looks promising, i'll have to try this out sometime!
  2. Can you use the normal 256x128 (or 512x256) that KSP uses so people can use your flags for KSP?
  3. Well most of the methods for finding planets would work for finding moons, it's just that we need more sensitive equipment to find most of them.
  4. Yay!

    500 rep!

    (not exactly, I fell asleep, so I missed 500, but oh well. :P)

    1. electricpants


      I don't think you can truly say gg until I get 1000 rep. (Which'll probably take another year, lol)

    2. cratercracker


      More rep-More "fame"-More likes per post

      Why do you think every Vanamode's or any other popular dude getting a ton of likes even if it literally says nothing?

      Its going to be quick, and unrelevant.

      Likes don't matter.

    3. electricpants
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  5. Sorry if somebody else has asked this before, but is this compatible with OPM?
  6. You should want to play it, it's a pretty nifty game, and there's tons of mods for it if you get the game through steam Anyways, my favorites are US2, Stellaris, and Spore (Would Spore count?).
  7. The power to grow 1mm taller whenever I feel like it, but I shrink back to my original height in 1 hour.
  8. I don't know how to categorize this music I've been listening to recently, but it's called "Spinning on a Chair Inside a Room" by He Can Jog.
  9. You know when you watch one of those "How __ is/are made *THE DISGUSTING TRUTH*" videos and you think "I want __"?

  10. Dres. Why? 1: To me, it's just pretty boring. Good for refueling for Joolian missions, I guess. 2: My disinterest in it made me do a lot of things I'm not proud of in any way.
  11. I'll start doing some planetary art when I get back to Pennsylvania, which is where my computer with GIMP is. However, the planets I'll do art for will be fictitious, and will come from a galaxy I made that's inside the Boötes Void, if that's okay, @cratercracker.
  12. My laptop is terrible, it keeps breaking for no reason! One second i'm watching Youtube, and something happens that makes me want to restart the thing, the other it decides to break and not boot up. I though the first time was going to be the only time. Nope! It just recently broke again! And it's literally the exact. same. error. I absolutely hate that laptop.
  13. Seriously though, you should probably fix those rivers for 1f and 1g, they look like they were made in MS Paint!

    Just a little thing that kind of ruins the good looks of those planets IMO.

  14. I JUST $#!7 MY PANTS! (No pun intended) Seriously, though, that's AMAZING art, there! If only @ProtoJeb21 made the rivers look that good on IA_Revived's TRAPPIST-f!
  15. @AndrewDrawsPrettyPictures, you're finally at the same rep as me! (tbh I think you deserve to have more rep than me in the first place. I mean, holy $#!7, you sit down and develop beautiful mods while I sit on my @$$ all day doing nothing but making unfunny jokes and watching YouTube)
  16. Maybe add in a hellish planet like Kepler-78b, really close to the star with rivers and lakes of magma, and maybe a giant volcano, created due to tidal stress on the planet from the star? And maybe a habitable planet with a bit of a twist to it, like a super-dense Venus-like atmosphere and have it orbiting at a distance which makes it habitable (~5 Kerbal AU), of course! I never word suggestions well XD
  17. Sorry about being gone for so long, damned laptop broke again, and I totally forgot I could access this forum on my tablet. :P

  18. It's Scott Manley here. (I couldn't help it)