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  1. The radius is measured in meters, so a radius of 446 km would be written as 446000. Rotation period is in seconds, meaning the Earth's rotation period would be 86400. The only things I see are "cachefile" should be "cacheFile" and you have a colon before the text in the description that shouldn't be there.
  2. I'm making a planet, but the planet is just magenta. I tried using textures from other mods and it still doesn't work. I also tried using a config file from another mod (with file directories changed) and it still doesn't work. Here's the config file: Edit: I made a few changes and reverted most of them and now the planet doesn't appear in game. There is a log file though. Edit 2: Re-wrote config file completely and it seems to be fixed!
  3. When I load the game, the planet doesn't exist and there's no log file. Here's the config file: Apparently it does work, just not with RSS for some reason.
  4. Thanks! You mentioned a plugin for GIMP that corrects sphere map distortion, do you think you could link to it?
  5. I copied the tutorial exactly(filling in things like filepaths and textures), but the planet doesn't exist in the game, and there is no log in the Kopernicus logs folder. Nevermind! It actually did work!