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  1. Hey all, I'm trying to get better at optimizing stages during a launch. Are there some guidelines, or (yikes) math, that others use to decide how much DV each stage should contribute based on the engines and mass?
  2. Does this work with GPP or RSS? (sorry if this has been asked before, didn't see any compatibility note in the OP)
  3. Does AVP work with other planet packs or is it only for Stock? I'm thinking GPP or RSS.
  4. Tyko

    More stylish fuel lines

    Cool idea, but the examples in the pic you shared aren't actually the same type of "fuel lines" as those used in the game. The fuel lines represented in the game are for moving a LOT of fuel from one tank to another very quickly. Because of that they'll be as straight as possible because any twists or turns disrupts and slows down fuel flow. The best example of a real-life fuel line is the LOX pipe that goes between the Shuttle and the external tank. Here's the best pic I could find. You can see that the main pipe really is just one big thick pipe, like the Stock fuel line Not to stop your creativity, greebles are always fun, just thought this might help you understand why the stock design looks the way it does.
  5. Tyko

    Wait or Cheat

    Probably with the right config. I haven't tried. My issue, and the one I think the OP was having, was having to frequently stop time warp when labs fill up. Increasing the capacity reduces how often you have to stop time warp.
  6. Thanks! I tried that and it's not always worth it. Here's what I found in testing: If you have side boosters that you're discarding - like STS, Soyuz, Falcon Heavy, Delta IV Heavy - your approach works great because you're shedding tank and engine mass at just the moment you don't need them anymore. If you're using traditional stack it's a different story though. When you're on initial ascent, when weight matters the most, you're fighting gravity with the dead weight of a second stage engine, which really saps efficiency. On the other hand, if you keep your first stage longer into the flight and throttle it you're also carrying some dead mass because you're not using the full potential of the engine, but you're doing so when you're already into your gravity turn, most of your thrust is horizontal and weight isn't as much of a concern. I subscribed to your approach originally and it wasn't until I did some actual side by side testing that I discovered that, in a stack, keeping the first stage longer is actually a good idea. I'm still trying to figure out when it makes sense to stage. Using as few stages as possible seems like the best plan. If you can SSTO there's no reason to add a second stage. There's a point of no return in which the first stage can't lift enough fuel to SSTO and this is when additional stage(s) needs to be added.
  7. @Starhawk & @OhioBob Thanks for the ideas and for the link. I'm out of "likes" for the day I'm playing with 30% science returns in a 2.5x (or 3.2x) scaled system. When you have limited engine tech and 5000-6000 DV to orbit it's tough to pull off higher TWR. Also 1.3-1.6 is "realistic" for 20th century rockets. American rocket stacks had pretty low TWR Saturn V: 1.18 Gemini/Titan II: 1.24 Mercury/Atlas: 1.26 Russian craft, with the 4 huge side boosters, had higher TWRs Vostok: 1.65 Soyuz:1.6
  8. Yes, this is intentional. Two reasons: Since it's asymmetrical two ships with shielded ports can dock without rotating. If they were symmetrical the "petals" of the two ports would collide with each other. If it's symmetrical, it blocks the view of both right and left pilot. Rotated 90 degrees it actually gives a much better view forward for docking.
  9. Thanks for the advice! I'm not sure if you read the last post I made right above yours - check point #3. I did an evening's worth of testing and talk about what I found. Throttling during ascent doesn't really affect total orbit DV. Whatever you lose in the slower ascent you make up when you make your final circularization burn. It takes longer to get to orbit, which is a few minutes of wasted time, but you can leave SAS locked on Prograde and just control the throttle all the way up, so you're not fighting as much with the controls. it's also pretty forgiving if you miss your initial tip-over point a bit - I got tired of restarting takeoffs over and over trying to the tip-over point just right.
  10. Tyko

    Wait or Cheat

    Just write a quick MM config to enable labs to store more science points. The config below should work and you can put in whatever maximum you want. May want to test it on a copy of your save just to be on the safe side. @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleScienceConverter]]:FINAL { @MODULE[ModuleScienceConverter] { @scienceCap = 500 //How much science can we store before having to transmit? } }
  11. I have a hard time answering your poll because your question/answers aren't really about whether I like it "better than the old versions"' I like the new models a LOT better than the old models, but that doesn't mean I think they're perfect. Sadly, at the end of the day it doesn't matter that much to me because I'll be playing with ReStock, or maybe Ven's, depending on how long it takes ReStock to launch.
  12. Tyko

    Rescaled systems in 1.6.1

    ReScale 3.2x + Sigma Dimensions + Kronometer + (Kopernicus and other dependencies) still works in 1.6.1 as far as I can tell - i.e. I haven't run into any game-breaking errors yet. Give it a try.
  13. Tyko

    1.75m Soyuz?

    @MaxwellsDemon you can mod Tantares...Here's my config for it. This has a whole bunch of tweaks to fit what I thought made sense. Up to you to pick and choose. I'm not "publishing" this. I will answer questions about what I did, but I'm not making a bunch of changes to it. I'm sharing with you as an example of what you can do. Enjoy!! I should note that this isn't quite 1.875. the 1.4x multiplier puts it at 1.75m. I chose that because it "looked right" when stacked on a 1.875m stack with a fairing. If I put it right at 1.875m (1.5x size) then the fairing got really wide and it didn't look right. The SM changes were to make the fuel volume match the larger tank...then I had to up the engines a bit to push the heavier tank around...LOL...it made sense to me, but tweak it for your own game @PART[Tantares_Crew_1|Tantares_Crew_2|Tantares_Decoupler_1|Tantares_Engine_1|Tantares_Engine_2|Tantares_Heatshield_1|Tantares_Parachute_1|Tantares_Orbital_1|Tantares_Habitation_1|Virgo_Engine_1]:NEEDS[Tantares]:AFTER[Tantares] { @rescaleFactor = 1.4 } @PART[Tantares_Orbital_1|Tantares_Habitation_1]:NEEDS[Tantares]:AFTER[Tantares] { @mass = 0.6 @CrewCapacity = 2 @INTERNAL { @name = Tantares_Crew_2_Interior } } @PART[Tantares_Crew_1|Tantares_Crew_2]:NEEDS[Tantares]:AFTER[Tantares] { @MODULE[ModuleReactionWheel] { %PitchTorque = 5 %YawTorque = 5 %RollTorque = 5 RESOURCE { name = ElectricCharge rate = 0.25 } } } @PART[Tantares_Engine_1]:NEEDS[Tantares]:AFTER[Tantares] { @MODULE[ModuleEnginesFX] { @maxThrust = 45 } @RESOURCE[LiquidFuel] { @amount = 270 @maxAmount = 270 } @RESOURCE[Oxidizer] { @amount = 330 @maxAmount = 330 } @RESOURCE[MonoPropellant] { @amount = 15 @maxAmount = 30 } } @PART[Tantares_Engine_2]:NEEDS[Tantares]:AFTER[Tantares] { @MODULE[ModuleEnginesFX] { @maxThrust = 40 } @RESOURCE[MonoPropellant] { @amount = 420 @maxAmount = 420 } } @PART[Virgo_Engine_1]:NEEDS[Tantares]:AFTER[Tantares] { @MODULE[ModuleEnginesFX] { @maxThrust = 65 } @RESOURCE[LiquidFuel] { @amount = 360 @maxAmount = 360 } @RESOURCE[Oxidizer] { @amount = 440 @maxAmount = 440 } @RESOURCE[MonoPropellant] { @amount = 15 @maxAmount = 30 } }
  14. It always struck me as odd that batteries were so light / low density. the 100 unit battery weighs as much as a thermometer and it's twice as big / 8 times the volume. Batteries in RL are heavy and dense...have others noticed this?
  15. Tyko

    Are batteries too light?

    Okay...I think it's pretty clear it would be too confusing to actually change the weight/EC since it's arbitrary anyway. I DO THINK, that they aren't dense enough. Batteries are just about the densest thing that should be on the vehicle, so should be as small or smaller for a given weight than anything else. This I can work with. Making batteries smaller without messing with the weight would keep the Ion lovers happy and not change the game balance, but it would still make them a bit more "realistic" (love using that term in KSP)
  16. Tyko

    Are batteries too light?

    Tough question...I currently just tweak things I need to tweak as I go along. I like the way Community Database of MM Patches works - there are a bunch of patches that tweak various things and the player is free to pick and choose amongst them. This eliminates the need for a committee to decide what's in and what's out of some giant patch. It also solves a big issue of mine with "balance patches" from other games which is when I like 90% of what a patch does but can't stand the other 10% but have no way to filter out what I don't like. Maybe they could pin it to the top of the Add-on Releases forum??
  17. I get that the breaks are due to scaled parts. That doesn't change my point that you can opt to keep using the same version that you spent 500-700 hours playing in. The old version doesn't perform any more poorly now than it did when it was the latest version. I know you'd like to move to 1.6, but if TS wasn't release for 1.6 as you'd suggested, then you couldn't play in 1.6 anyway. So either way you can't currently play with your old craft on 1.6, so go back to playing your previous version. Just trying to help here...
  18. Actually Squad made changes to existing parts in 1.6 that messed up some peoples' older craft and game companies do that all time. If Tweakscale wasn't released for 1.6 as you suggest would you have the same problem with all your old craft not working in 1.6? You have a ton of time and effort invested in a previous version of the game. Perhaps the best option for you would be to keep playing using that KSP version. That's probably a better option for the community than the rest of us not having access to a 1.6 compatible version of TS because of some backwards compatibility issues.
  19. This seems to work fine in 1.6.1. Been using it for a while now and haven't found any issues
  20. Tyko

    Are batteries too light?

    The solution I'm using is to scale down the size of surface mount batteries by 50%. This makes them more dense which makes sense to me. I didn't mess with the stack mount batteries because it's easy enough to hand-wave the extra volume away as "structural". Though I'm thinking about doubling the battery capacity and weight so they're twice as dense too. Not sure yet.
  21. Tyko

    Are batteries too light?

    LOL....all the science experiments are that heavy...I guess I should have focused on the density.
  22. Can do Thanks for fixing this
  23. Tyko

    Wait or Cheat

    Why can't you FF time in game? You mentioned something about KAC and transmitting science, but I don't follow you. Do you have labs running on the ships? Is that why you have to transmit science?
  24. As a test I tried deleting the PathPatches folder and /Squad/Data folder. That seems to have worked and retains all the textures for the VSR unique parts. Only question...if a texture isn't referenced by a config file does it still get loaded just because it's in the mod folder?
  25. Tyko

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Install a mod for OP fuel and engines (whether something mystical like USI's Karborundum, or a half-plausible, half-pipe-dream thing in the nuclear arena such as Nertea's Far Future Tech). And set personal rules for how and when you'll use said engines, and set something like, a global limit on how many of said engines can exist or be in service at any given time. IRL we have yet to find any handwavium propellant. We have yet to send anything crew-rated to Moon or Mars. But don't let that hold back your advancement in a game and in a world of your making. Don't let the current length of the Periodic Table keep you from whatever mega: ship/station/infrastructure you're dreaming of. Thanks. I can just solve the problem by playing in 2.5x. I have no prob building or launching anything I've wanted to. I'm just trying to dial in the game to "just hard enough to be interesting"