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  1. Yea its set up to dump & all that. I should mention that sometimes it doesnt even wanna work right in the VAB. When I turn it on it still shows I have perpetual supply of hydrogen. Fuel cell just seems buggy in 1.11. I'm EVAing from an unpressurized MK1 with a pressurized crew cabin attached. So you're saying I need to depressurize the crew cabin before EVAing from the MK1?
  2. So sometimes I've noticed that even when I have a ton of hydrogen & oxygen on my ship, when I turn on the fuel cell nothing happens? It says running but no oxygen or hydrogen is used & no EC is generated..... Is this a bug? Also a bug with nitrogen, if you have the pressure module running & then someone EVAs, when they come back in the pressure module begins to use ungodly amounts of nitrogen. Like what would have lasted for a year before the EVA now suddenly only lasts for 1 hour or less. Any way to fix this?
  3. Ok good so its not just me. I hope they get it patched soon. That's not good tho because experiments cant fit in their inventory with an EVA pack.
  4. So how do you go about setting up the experiments in 1.11? Before, you could just select them from your Kerbal's backpack, & then click the arrow to set them down, & they would turn on. I just tried that now with a solar panel (had an engineer pop it down) but it doesnt open or turn on? Same if I try to get my scientist to put down a control station (but obviously that doesnt want to work because the power isnt coming on.....) What gives?
  5. I dont usually even put ladders on my landers. I just jetpack up & down, so this update pretty much means I cant place anything on the surface.
  6. I can install it fine, & the button is there in game, but it shows as a blank button. When you press it it shows all the options, but no matter how you set them, none of the sounds ever play. Looks like its not really compatible yet with 1.10. I hope it gets updated soon, as stock KSP is waaaaay too quiet.
  7. Thats fine, I wouldnt mind it being a difficulty setting, like how the stock commsat system is.
  8. No, there is no target set. It happens even with SAS off. The issue isnt that its "fighting me," its that if I press left for example, the ship will go down & to the right, instead of going left.
  9. Some games just shouldnt have a multiplayer mode. KSP is one of those games.
  10. So I made a Minmus lander. It flew great leaving Kerbin. I landed on Minmus fine, & then saved the game & came back later & loaded it. When I did that, now the controls are all wonky. If I press the WASD keys, the ship pitches in a weird direction, not corresponding to the key I press. The only keys that work "correctly" as I'd expect them to are Q & E. I only have 1 command pod with a pilot (no probe cores), & I have already clicked on "Control from here" on it a million times. It doesnt matter if the navball is set to surface or orbit. The pod is on correctly, as it flew fine leaving Kerbin. Is this just some weird load bug with the game or something? It kind of sucks because it makes the ship really hard to fly, especially trying to biome hop on Minmus.
  11. Which files can you not access with the Steam version? You can opt out of updates on Steam, & you can also launch the game straight through the exe if you want to. It will always keep up with your hours played though. But if you dont know that, then how are you gonna brag on the forum about how many hours you have in game?
  12. You should try career. The high price of some engines can really be a drawback. "Do I want to use this huge insanely powerful engine to complete this contract that doesnt give me much money?"
  13. I just have it on PC. That's really the only platform you need it on.
  14. Well he says in the blurb at the beginning of this post that running Kerbals to a space casino (& probably the hotel too) is like "printing money." So I think the cost/benefit ratio is intentional. If its too much money for you, just dont accept the contract....?
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