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  1. Holy Jebediah, that was fast! The monopropellant tank is working! No more Krakens on that one, unfortunately the chute is still not working, BUT!!! I uninstalled Real Chutes and it worked as intended, so it's an incompatibility issue with that mod! . Thank you for your hard work and for listening to our whines !
  2. Hello there, first of all I want to thank you for this mod, I have been using Tantares for a while now and I love it, the perfect add-on for space stations. At first, the mod is intimidating, a lot of parts, all of them very tiny, but after a while it becomes really useful. I came here to report a bug actually, I'm having a 6 Kraken Attack when using two of the parts in the Tantares mod, one of them is the A-ZX5 Return Parachute and the other one is the A-U2R MonoPropellant Tank, when I use either of them a 6 Kraken Attack occurs at 6k meters, here is a little video explaining the bug, how to replicate it and a little bit of randomness This is my complete mod list and I use KSP v1.1.2 btw: Cheers and sorry for my Spanish
  3. Thank you so much, I was searching for the key bindings to configure my keyboard when I saw this, I have a G910 and works like a charm!
  4. After about a year since I first saw the trailer for this mod I can finally install it on my new pc with the proper x64 bit version, the game looks beautiful, the textures are gorgeous, the clouds are smooth, the views from space are breathtaking, all about this mod is amazing, thank you very much to all the mod developers involved in this project and specially @Proot for all the hard work. The mod runs a little slow on mi gtx 970, I can manage only 45 fps with the volumetric clouds on, if you have fps problems maybe you wanna disable those too using the EVE menu since they have a huge impact on performance, once disabled I have smooth 60fps on 1080p I also disabled the terrain shadows on scatterer, they look weird for my taste I noticed that the pre release doesn't include planet shine, I have been playing for about 2 hour with the 0.2.5 ver. and I haven't noticed anything wrong with the mod, is working as usual. Thanks again!
  5. Thank you for your hard work @TriggerAu The game feels incomplete without ARP, looking forward to the update