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  1. I was using a single gn drive (the one with the greenishblue particles) and that was it. Just testing it out to see if I could get it to work. I'm also using the v4.3 file and 1.1.2 ksp. I've tried making a spaceplane and a simple rocket neither seems to activate. Antigrav and hover didn't seem to make any difference as well. Gonna do a fresh install later see if I have conflicting mods or something. I'm currently using nearfuture solar/electrical/propulsion and the heavy lifting pack
  2. How are the engines supposed to function inside ksp? I do not seem to be able to get them to activate. Ive right clicked to activate and their status never changes from deactivated. Do i need to use them in conjunction with another engine or something to utilize the GNparticles? Thank you for your assistance.
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