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  1. Why not replicate the Mei Long lander first before taking on Ausplane? I used the Mei Long and Luna rocket to make my first mun landing back in 0.12. I did it by ascending straight up, because I couldn't make orbit.
  2. Here's a couple of sets of fitting music to listen to while you play KSP. Each list will pertain to a specific activity such as launching, landing, orbital operations, and the like. All of these songs are available on Spotify, but I will also include YouTube links for the peasants who don't have spotify. Suggestions are welcome, none of these are complete yet. Ready? Here we go! LAUNCHING: Songs for sending your Kerbals on epic adventures, or beginning a journey home. Do not listen to all these songs in one launch. One per launch. Song: Mexican Wine Artist: Fountains of Wayne Why it's here: It's real quiet, then it suddenly gets real loud. This will be a common theme in this playlist. Where to launch: 0:45 Youtube link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4blhM9IU3A‎ Song: Vertigo Artist: U2 Why it's here: Pretty rockin' song, and it includes a countdown. Albeit in spanish, and it counts 1, 2, 3, 14. Where to launch: 0:08 Youtube link:www.youtube.com/watch?v=98W9QuMq-2k‎ Song: London's Burning Artist: The Clash Why it's here: 80s punk? Perfect for the discerning missile-man. Where to launch: 0:07 Youtube link: Song: Radioactive Artist: Imagine Dragons Why it's here: Dat bass drop. Where to launch: 0:29 or 0:56, preferably 0:56 Youtube link: Song: papaoutai Artist: Stromae Why it's here: French rap with a pretty cool "drop." Where to launch: 0:48 Youtube link: Song: Voodoo Child Artist: Rogue Traders Why it's here: Saw it on DW, couldn't not put it on here. Where to launch: 0:16 or 1:05, preferably 1:05 Youtube link: Song: Carry On Wayward Son Artist: Kansas Why it's here: Classic Rock with a great solo and drop. Where to launch:0:15 Youtube link: BONUS: Carry On Wayward Slam: Song: Dragon Rider Artist: Two Steps from Hell Why it's here: Epic orchestral track, perfect for SSTO launches or manned SpaceX launches. Where to launch: 0:12 Youtube link: Song: Cosmonaut Petrov Artist: Red Elvises Why it's here: It's about astronauts, is in russian, and it has a countdown built in. Where to launch: 0:41, but it's pretty obvious. Youtube link: ORBITAL OPERATIONS: Songs for mucking about sans atmosphere. Song: Fly Me To The Moon Artist: Frank Sinatra Why it's here: Duh. Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtFBRJFN3p8 Song: Odysseus Under The Old Tree Artist: Koan Why it's here: A good long track for floating in the abyss. Sounds sciency. Youtube link: Song: More Than This Artist: Roxy Music Why it's here: Peaceful, ethereal song. Youtube link: Song: Inspector Norse Artist: Todd Terje Why it's here: Upbeat yet chill instrumental tune for messing with space stations/docking. Youtube link: LANDING: Songs about halfway between upbeat and peaceful. Good for landing ships. Song: Debris Artist: Steven Price Why it's here: Part of the Gravity Soundtrack; has just the right amount of tension. Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xC3y1_o5k74 Song: Little Red Light Artist: Fountains of Wayne Why it's here: I can't honestly give a reason. Listen to it, it's good. Youtube link: Song: Right Action Artist: Franz Ferdinand Why it's here: Another that's hard to classify. It just works, you know? Youtube link: FLIGHT: Songs for fooling around in-atmosphere with winged vehicles. Song: Danger Zone Artist: Kenny Loggins Why it's here: Go watch Top Gun, it's on Netflix. Youtube link:
  3. Can someone post a Mediafire mirror of the shuttle? The download keeps saying that it's corrupted.
  4. It runs out of sight on a C engine and drifts at least a kilometer downrange. It's pretty impressive, but dangerous. I'm a little bit scared of C engines after I ran one on an old Centuri Point and the bernoulli effect locked it to the pad. There was a tiny hole in the blast plate afterwards.
  5. So recently I got myself one of these: http://www.estesrockets.com/rockets/kits/skill-1/003205-fusion-x25tm After a few launches, it's still blank balsa and cardboard, as I don't really like the decals. Anyone have any ideas for a good KSP-looking paint layout for it? Preferably I'd like it to look sort of like a rocket built out of parts from the game. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
  6. This controls the Jeb Factor, whether he will laugh in the face of danger or not.
  7. Vall's pretty cool, beautiful mountain ranges and weird rocks galore. What's even cooler about Vall is its history: The igneous rocks on its surface point to a volcanic past. At some point, Vall might have been an Io-like molten rock with absurd amounts of vulcanism, but a gravitational ballet moved it into a higher orbit, freezing it. However, my favorite body is Minmus. It has low gravity, fun cliffs to slide down, and it's the only body where you can see the Mun eclipse Kerbin. I usually send a crew returning from a long stint at my Eve base up there on vacation.
  8. I propose that the cockpit is just a very, very rare terrain scatter. Rare terrain scatters would be impossible to find with Mapsat as their location is random. If it can't be found in map view or switched to, it's a scatter. The only proof we need now is for someone to find it again and see if it has a collider. Also, notice that the cockpit's texture is slightly lower than the rover's.
  9. We should have a on Fonso that very quietly whispers:ayyyyyy sit on it
  10. Sticking a couple of batteries on the tail seems to solve balance issues and power loss during aerobatics. I'd love to see a 2-seater version! This is a great trainer for stuff like buzzing KSC buildings, it handles nicely, but not too reactively.
  11. I remember back when solar powered ion planes were big, it's nice to see them make a comeback. Great work! EDIT: Don't do a barrel roll. If you value your Kerbonaut's life, do NOT do a barrel roll. Also, don't attempt to fly at times that aren't high noon. EDIT AGAIN: Ignore previous edit, if you do barrel/aileron rolls and loops at a decent altitude, it's pretty cool.
  12. My very first landing was with the Mei Long pod and lander from Down Under. This was back in 0.12, mind, he no longer makes mods. Shame, really. Anyway, the return module was based on the Dragon capsule, so it had little engines mounted on the side. When I landed, I was under the impression that I could fire these engines and lift off the descent stage to fly around and explore, then come back to the descent stage and use it to fly me back home. This did not work, even though I got some valuable docking practice setting it down on the lander. I didn't rescue them, as there was no having more than one flight at a time. My second Mun landing was also with the Mei Long. That time they made it back safely. My first landing on Minmus was also with the Mei Long. The gravity surprised and delighted me, and I proceeded to send 20 of Chickenplucker's LilTrak rovers there. Back in 0.15, we had to use the Carts mod for rovers. Unlike the current wheels in stock KSP, the Carts wheels were sticky. Quite literally, there was a stickyFactor line in the .cfg file. This meant that the LilTrak's traction was effectively infinite, and I spend a good two weeks skycraning rovers to Minmus and jumping them off mountains at 100 m/s. Bear in mind that the LilTraks were effectively indestructible, and bounced along Minmus' surface when they fell down. Five of the rovers ended up circumnavigating Minmus, and two even jumped off a hill in formation. Neither the Down Under/Mei Long or the BigTrak mods are currently being updated.
  13. Realizing that your station core has no docking ports on it while on final approach with the second module... which also has no docking ports. TL,DR: Whack-A-Kerbal: For when whey finally realize how much money you wasted on those modules.
  14. Here's the original Kerbals, penned by a young Felipe Falanghe, AKA HarvesteR. http://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1374365/KSP_LOG001.jpg Notice the crew of the Kerbal XII, it's Kurt "Gorilla" Kerman!
  15. Way back in 0.14 I had a mun rover that could hit 200 m/s for a few seconds.
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