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  1. is there any chance of an update? you included the VAB but it needs a location, and perhaps some more pads and or ICBM road to link them up and the Kennedy space center buildings, a causway from VAB to LC-39 A and B? just some thoughts, keep up the good work, thanks
  2. Great job, i like this alot. would it be possible to get an RSS version?
  3. could we get a RSS version, so we have Earth as the center, like what the mod is based off of?
  4. any chance of this being updated to 1.1.3 anytime soon, KSP tells me its unsuported, and when i click on the icon in the VAB or SPH the GUI window doesnt come up
  5. i have been wanting this for so long, i like RSS but didnt want to deal with rescaling every part to make it usefull... i want to thank you so much, this is probably at the top of my list for mods i have wanted to see made