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  1. Decided to try using tac life support a few days ago but it seems that i may have done something wrong. i have all the files in the right place and when i load the game im able to see all the parts and the toolbar button but when i launch my vessels they resources don't ever get used and no waste product is created. im running the newest version of kerbal and from what i have read others don't seem to have any problems with the mod working. any help would be amazing. thank you.
  2. Is it possible to use this mod without downloading the HooliganLabs mod
  3. So I have tried this mod before and now I'm using it again. The thing is before and now when I use the mod the "doc science lab" when ever I place it it seems to want to stand on the long skinny end of the lab and no matter what I do it won't lay flat. I have even tried to force it down by hitting it. Can some one please help? Thanks!
  4. Ha it works!! Thank you. So is there a reason it won't work if the files on still in the "gamedata" folder from the zip
  5. For some reason I can't get any of parts to this mod to show up. I see that it loads at the bottom of the load screen when the game launches but no parts can some please help me. Thanks.