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  1. It's used mainly for airplanes right? First time it's ever given me a problem and the first time I've ever encountered it. PS Successfully landed my rover
  2. Thanks a lot! So it wasn't a bug after all :) Going to attempt landing it now with your suggestion, you saved my rover ^^,!
  3. I wouldn't call it the kraken but for whatever reason my game is currently bugged beyond comprehension and I've no idea what is going on. Here I am just about to come in for a landing with my Mun Rover, I've left a satellite in Orbit to relay the signal and I've got plenty of fuel, SAS and gimbal to successfully to do the landing, everything *should* have been good to go, the probability for success was 99%. But you know that 1% really bit me in the ass this time. For whoever is interested, I'll share my save file, if you load it up and load up Quick save #4 you'll be about 3 km from the Mun Surface, plenty of fuel but have a completely dysfunctional control system, it's neigh impossible to land and I've attempted many things to try and rectify the issue to no avail Any help would be appreciated as I cannot for the life of me figure out what I've done wrong to make the SAS completely dysfunctional. https://drive.google.com/open?id=15vXKpJ4dEq6PaoQCv73KUD5ys-hkDdVo PS this is complete stock, no mods, trying out a complete stock playthrough for the first time.
  4. Did another test and this time the window did not pop up after I had landed/crashed but survived enough to recover, also FMRS was deactivated after switching to the first stage for re-entry and landing. New craft file & log is here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/10qoy4ypcul46z7/AAD7-oPRgyJRw28VZ79O0PLCa?dl=0
  5. My FMRS window also disappears upon switching back, forgot to mention that.
  6. Here is the link to the dropbox folder I created with the craft file and the log file. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/rj2djsb6cqhvmrw/AAC5kD4jTrRSffpsX37GICCta?dl=0 I checked the log now myself and it seems that the EVAEnhancements mod is throwing and exception during/right after the separated stage crashes. I could do a test for you without the mod installed to see if I can still replicate the same behaviour?
  7. Okay I did a test run with the mod, built a basic reusable rocket with flyback stage, First stage gets the probe till it's apoapsis is 70km then separates, I finished the circularization and then jumped back to the separated stage to land it, had to retry a few times but finally managed to get it landed with most of the parts intact. I then jumped back to the satellite to end the mission. FMRS showed me a recovery information window but the parts recovered were out of sync with what was actually left over from the probe. So I suspect you might have a bug in the calculation regarding that. I got more funds back than what the mission cost in total. I was supposed to have around 146k funds leftover after the mission. Screenshots can be found here
  8. Will be testing out the release candidate now Super excited about the comeback of FMRS :D! Keep up the good work! You are a legend mate!
  9. Awesome! Can't wait to try it out! Going to modify the default configuration as I think I'm getting a bit too much cash per month for my reputation.
  10. I was playing with this mod yesterday on a new career with construction time and a whole lot of other mods. I love the idea of this mod, the only problem I have with it is that I have no way of checking my monthly budget, it only pops up once a month for nearly less than a second, there is no way to check it after you have done a contract and want to see how much your budget has been increased by. I feel that what this mod really needs is a window where you can see your monthly budget and a costs breakdown, maybe accessible by the toolbar mod?
  11. The console version need to have mod support to be appealing to me, perhaps collaboration with CKAN? Mods just add so many things I cannot play without, MechJeb for example is crucial.
  12. I've been building a station in LKO that is going to land on the Mun, I'm not that far into the tech tree yet so I've been attaching modules with the docking port jr. Everything went fine with putting it together in orbit, have 4 modules attached that gives me atleast 3000 units of fuel. The problem I'm seeing is that Mechjeb and Kerbal Engineer Redux is not taking the fuel from the modules into consideration when calculating the DeltaV, While i should be having easily 3000 dV or more it's only displaying 200 dV, as a work around I'm using the TAC Fuel Balance mod to get fuel into the main tank. Anyone else experienced this issue before?
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