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  1. I just downloaded K.S.P_1.4.1 after watching the video on the K.S.P site about the mission builder feature. I was so excited with what I was and could not wait to get started. However when I loaded the game, I received a very disappointing surprise. . . . NO MISSION BUILDER! Needles to say, I tried everything and still nothing but the regular game; along with a link (About Making History Expansion) sending me back to the K.S.P site. What am I doing wrong? Can someone please HELP?! I tried to upload a pic of the screen, but not sure how on this site. Sorry.
  2. I have downloaded the latest version of the Extraplanetary launchpads mod (5.4.0). However when I try to use the recycle bins, it does not work. I right click on the bin and I don't get a UI at all. I watched and even downloaded two Youtube videos and read several forum on how to use them, also uninstalled some mods, then uninstalled all mods that is not required by EL, and still nothing. Can someone please explain to me why this is happening? As I am out of ideas. Thanks. P.s I tried to insert media to illustrate my claim, but the site won't let me. Sorry.
  3. I don't know if I'm the only one who thinks that the latest ETT is very messy looking. I'm not a modder by no means and I really don't mean to complain, however I really love this game and play it whenever I have free time, but I just keep running into problems with some of the mods and can't make any progress in the game. First let me apologize to, I'm sorry if I get his name incorrect; RoverDude. I think that's his name, for complaining to him for one of the reactors that does not work at all. By the way I think I found out why, as it is going to be removed at some point. Anyway, before the release of the latest KSP; I had a BIG problem with the game crashing a lot. Now that it has been solved, some of the mods are all goofy. Anything form sinking in to the ground, exploding on contact, not showing up in VAB after unlocking in R&D to not working at all. Sorry, got a little long winded. I just want to know if there will ever be a new Firespitter and a ETT release that will work? As these two mode are the ones having problems. some of the parts in firespitter still sinks into the ground and ETT won't give me the parts that I work so hard to unlock. The latest ETT seems to give me the parts, however, R&D is so messy I can't make heads or tails out of it. Also, the editor being released with it, I would think is for modder. As to the former I am not. So the new ETT is useless to me. OH, I all most forgot. I would really like to pimp my rover, so somebody PLEASE fix the Fast corp wheels. Any feed back from the modders of the modes in question would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  4. The molten salt reactors are not working at all. No right click or rescale in VBA, no reactor found at launch. release 1.8.25. Ksp release 1.1.2.

    Other than that good job to you and your fellow modders.

    Keep up the good work.

    Thank you.


    You modders are AMAZING! Much props.

    1. RoverDude


      Molten salt reactors are not mine :wink:  I think you are thinking of a different mod.

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