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  1. For me top 3 are: KRPC-like programming capability for Python and other languages. Alternatively something like KOS. Reusability - so you can program separate stages to land using programs from point 1. Realistic and well performing physics and visuals
  2. Hi, Do you know if there is anyway I could do "Revert Flight to launch" with a shortcut, like pressing one button to immediatelly revert flight to launch?
  3. The idea is to use kOS instead of Mechjeb in order to have full control over vessel during ascent. Drag is of course one of the elements I want to use as a parameter when ascending. I want to keep it optimal especially in lower parts of the atmosphere. I'd love to extract the air drag numbers from datastream of KSP but I don't know how. Yes, you are very correct about this. I simply got lost in all those vectors, directions and rotations in kOS so I started simply with scalars and added some vectors where I could. Well it was my first attempt.
  4. Apoogies I didn't say I play RSS. I though when I refer to Moon instead of Mun it will be clear. Mea Culpa. So the case was that I was launching above the equator. I definitely understand that while I'm landed my ship's orbital inclination is not constans but Moon's inclination is. I did all the visualisation in my head. Very good point that I have to find the minimum of the relative inclination instead of zero that is not always possible. And yes the idea is to launch east facing my ship in the direction of moon's orbit. This of course would be done before that sweetspot so that I have time t
  5. Well it's called "relative inclination" in Mechjeb and I was wondering what does it have to do with inclination. Obviously I want to do a gravity turn to LKO with the inclination matching the Moon's inclination. In order to do that I need to launch before the point when my position on the launchpad is below Moon's orbit. Then I would launch making dogleg maneuver to match moons orbital inclination. The question is how do I know (mathematically) when I'm exactly at that spot below Moon's orbit?
  6. Hello, When I select moon as a target then in Mechjeb's "Rndezvous Planner" i can see relative inclination. When it reaches 0 it means that my rocket on landing pad is inside moon's orbital plane. This mean that if I launch when relative inclination is 0 I will be able to match moon's orbital inclination with least delta-v. That much I understand. The queston is how do I calculate relative inclination without using Mechjeb? I want to write a program in kOS that will automatically launch when relative inclination is near 0.
  7. Okay. It appears SSRSS has a compatibility config for SCANSat. Thanks for help. So basically you need to copy compatibility SCANsat.cfg file from SSRSS and delete SCANsat config file from "\GameData\Sigma\Dimensions\Configs\ReDimension" folder and everything works well then.
  8. I've removed the cache and adjusted the RADAR config. After loading it has put the same(incorrect) values to cache. Then I edited the cache itself and it worked - I could change the altitudes. I've also checked the settings.cfg file but there's nothing but copernicus and sigma dimensions.
  9. I see... ModuleManager.ConfigCache MODULE { name = SCANsat sensorType = 1 fov = 5 min_alt = 942 max_alt = 47100 best_alt = 942 scanName = RADAR Scan power = 0.05 animationName = Collapse_Antenna } MODULE Now the question is - can I delete the cache safely?
  10. Hi, I've got the same problem. Scan altitudes are messed up probably because I use Stock Size Real Solar System mod. I've got max altitude for RADAR 47km and it's not possible to orbit at that altitude. I tried to modify altitudes in \GameData\SCANsat\Parts\RADAR\RADAR.cfg but it's not changing anything.
  11. I don't think I've been so challenged by the game since Colobot. Thank you SQUAD and keep adding features, optimising and fixing bugs.
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