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  1. I updated the FAR mod and the first try with a bigger pod was very good, later I will test it again but I think it works now. That strange, because I updated every mod yesterday too... So indeed it could be a version mismatch. Thank you very much! I hope it woun't change again
  2. Hey guys, I'm a little bit helpless and hope you can change that In my last (10 to 15) missions I build a "Kerbal Space Station" and sent a little Rover to the mun, so while I did this I installed some mods and never tried to get back to Kerbin - until now... After I failed severel times getting Jeb back to Kerbin I became a bit insecure. The air isn't slowing me down one simple m/s. And the parachutes doesnt work too. So what happened to my air resistance? Next I tried to launch only the Mk1 Pod with one booster, decoupled it and fell down, getting faster and faster without a chance of opening my parachute... So there's something wrong isn't it? I've installed the mods with CKAN. Could there though be a "physically mistake" ? Thanks from the outset, hope the question is in the right thread