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  1. Leto has at least one extremely good reason to make a round trip. You'll either have to go there or cheat to find out what it is. It's more fun if you don't cheat and discover it on your own.
  2. I just wanted to say that I landed 2 Kerbals and successfully returned them to orbit on Gratian! I did not expect the fancy dust storm effects. Nice touch! I look forward to being surprised with "weather" on other planets.
  3. I suppose it's a new feature for me. Thank you for the explanation.
  4. While landed on Thalia, I discovered
  5. Ok, thank you for the clarification, I will go for the surface/narrowband scanners. I am interested to see if mining Lily is even remotely worth it! Just staying on the surface is not easy without expending delta-V. If I remember correctly things not an "asteroid" or a "vessel" cannot be grabbed with the claw, right?
  6. I have a question about resources (Squad's stock "ore" framework) and Lily. I apologize in advance if this has already been asked as I have not read through all 30 pages of this thread and I'm not sure if I trust the "This Topic" search function built into the forums. The stock ore scanner aka "M700 Survey Scanner" doesn't seem to work with Lily. It claims that it will only work from an altitude outside of Lily's SoI. I think it wanted to be in a 25km polar orbit or something, where Lily's SoI is approximately 10km. Is this a bug? Or was it intentional for this survey scanner to not be appropriate for Lily?
  7. Is it possible for this mod to include: Level 3 runway texture's numbering reflects reality... instead of the runway saying "09" and "27" it would represent actual alignment, such as the texture indicates "06" and "24" or similar?
  8. I believe that I found a typo in this mod. While playing through career, and in the early-mid game, I realized that for some reason the FL-T800 fuel tank was mysteriously not showing up in the VAB/SPH, and for some reason was not showing up anywhere in the tech tree in R&D. I think I tracked it down. In "SensibleTechTree Parts.cfg", there appears to be a very minor typo: @PART[fuelTankSmallFlat|fuelTankSmall|fuelTank|sasModule|linearRcs|fuelTank_Long|liquidEngine3|liquidEngine|radialRCSTank] { @TechRequired = controllableRockets } However, when digging through Squad's Parts folder, I find the following in "fuelTankT800.cfg": PART { name = fuelTank_long ... After changing "fuelTank_Long" in "SensibleTechTree Parts.cfg" to "fuelTank_long", the FL-T800 fuel tank now shows up in the correct node in R&D and is avaliable in the parts list in the VAB/SPH.
  9. I've been playing KSP and lurking since around 0.18 but I have never registered for the KSP forums or made a post here. That being said, I just wanted to say that I found this mod very useful in pre-1.1 but I always had problems with the "X" disappearing, reappearing, etc... That seems to be history now. The Trajectories UI predicted path seems far more stable from a visual perspective in 1.1 than it has ever been. Thank you.