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  1. @Kochi Idk if you're aware but I'm getting 79 module manager warnings with the 2.0 update. I think they're all similar to this: [WRN 16:54:40.967] more than one pass specifier detected, ignoring all but the first: SWE 2.0/Configs/Bluedog_Design_Bureau/AJ260 Inline/RealPlumePatch/@PART[bluedog_Saturn_AJ260_Inline]:FOR[SWE]:NEEDS[SmokeScreen,Bluedog_DB]:FINAL I'm not sure if these are important, just letting you know. I haven't tested if there are any issues in game as I don't have TUFX so I don't think the plumes will work correctly as you mentioned anyways. Here's my full MM log file. Thanks for taking over development and good luck
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