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  1. Drat. Alright, thanks for your feedback -action
  2. Sorry for not replying sooner; I had robotics all week. I'm trying to read the original source code of it before the DLL was compiled so I can modify it a bit and make a copy of that. -action
  3. Hi! This doesn't really fit anywhere else, so I put it here. I'm trying to create and code something, but I can't edit a .dll or even open one in the original code it was written in. Is anyone able to help with that? Thanks! -action
  4. Now noticing my other response, I decided to send up another rescue ship and landed it 800 meters away. I got it back into a very high Kerbin orbit, but ran out of fuel there. I sent up another ship and got it as close as I could, making the kerbals jet pack to the other ship. Needless to say, I got them back safely.

  5. Rendezvoused with a stranded capsule in space and returned the two Kerbals home and sent a rescue ship to the Mun to rescue Jeb and Bill(I think). It landed 60 km away, so instead of jet packing over there I sent 3 rovers(my first time!). The first one had broke its solar panels when it turned the second had some RCS engines on the bottom to fly but they didn't use mono propellant so it crashed. The third is using new rover wheels (they were severely broken so I reloaded a save and fixed them) and actual mono propellant engines are used this time so it should be able to travel the 80 km to the crash site and around 20 km after that to the return lander.

  6. The Valitech Space Agency has landed on the Mun and got the Kerbal back safely! (who knew 8 twitch engines are so good)

  7. Space Agency

    Link for my beta mod. Still very early development, but got 3 parts(mostly) finished.

    Runs on a lot of electricity. Meant for interplanetary voyages thanks to it's high thrust and low fuel usage.

  8. Hi! I'm back with the engine, fuel tank, and generators all set up(besides the bad paint jobs which I'll fix in time). This is a link to V0.04 of the mod with the previously mentioned items. Keep in mind the engine needs a lot of electricity to run at first, but it's alternator should make it better over time. Link: Space Agency All of the directions are inside the 'readme.txt'.
  9. Cool! I got the engine working but the radial fuel tanks are not cooperating with me they will be placed and not be able to be picked up again. Would you be able to take a look at it and see if you can figure out what the issue is? Link to it: Space Agency
  10. Nice It's my first year of high school. It's my first year in FRC as well, and I've decided to be in the marketing group for Team 537 despite not knowing how to write a decent essay I started modeling last Tuesday and I'm almost finished with 3 parts(as well as the cfg for them). Have you created any mods?
  11. I've done a little bit of work on my mod(AKA adding an engine, resource generator, and a resource definition) and I've ran into an issue. My engine provides no thrust It's getting all the necessary fuel(I had to turn on infinite fuel because the fuel tank is still in beta) but it is showing no signs of thrust with its 80302 thrust and around 8000 ISP I believe. I have no idea what's wrong with it(when I tried to edit an Ion Engine the same thing happened) Here's the link for the mod if someone could debug it for me and tell me whats wrong: Space Agency
  12. Thanks for the help I'm going to try that out once I start working at like 4(robotics ) I'll let you know if it works or not
  13. I think this is it: (I can't figure out how to put in the image)
  14. None of my notifications showed up and there was no activity according to the forums so I didn't know that people replied :l Here is a Dropbox link to it:
  15. Correction: My other page has gotten responses(no forum notification told me that)
  16. Hi! I've been working on an engine for my mod for a little while now. I designed it, textured it, and gave it everything it needed to work(including the config). Despite everything I tried, it still does not show the slightest hint of showing up in game. Any ideas on how to fix it?
  17. Hi guys! I've recently decided to create my own mod called Valitech Space Agency. I've created the part in blender, added a config stripped from the game to test it, and loaded it in unity to give it the final piece. After about 3 hours of hard work and labor, I loaded it up in it's own folder in the GameData and nothing showed up. I then decided to put it directly into the Squad folder with no luck either. Any ideas on how to actually make the mod load up and work in-game? P.S: As this being my first post, I don't know if this is the forum category it belongs in so apologies if it's in the wrong one