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  1. :hailprobe: That's what.
  2. I don't think that's a modded RAPIER at all... That's a PRE-COOLER! @Cupcake... am I right?
  3. These are some very good planes you have here. Love how you did the engines on the FALKEN especially. Great presentation too, with the shot of them all in the hangar. These things deserve a lot more reps than they have now.
  4. This sounds like a nice idea. Will post some craft as soon as possible (away from my computer)
  5. Just about finished making Altair now, just need to test it on the Mun and see if my Ares V can carry it (if I can get THAT to stop wobbling so much)
  6. Because once, at Christmas, I had a giant massive long stick of a Jaffa Cake packet and I ran about wielding it like a sword. (Or lightsaber) I really like Star Wars too. I use this name for everything on the internet.
  7. OK, thanks for telling me. I had no idea how to work those pictures. Aaaaaand there goes my free time.
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